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Art paper and application in the production of 3d popup cards

The need to use the art paper in printing of greeting cards, which is increasing because of the shape and color will become more luxurious and delicate cards.
There are a lot of art paper materials on the market: smooth or ribbed with decorative motifs such as pink roses, spiral veins shapes, and metallic paper...


paper art for popup card

Art Paper - Fancy paper is a variety of colors and designs, so the amount usually from 120gsm to 280gsm is often used to make greeting cards, or thicker paper intended from 280gsm to 350gsm as a card visit.
The art of making greeting cards, wedding popup cards, birthday popup cards and the production of 3d popup cards is the most used today such as:
1. Metallic artwork paper: making the cards more sparkling, light up the charm.
2. Art paper with shape: beeing classified into three categories: Cart Gofr, Tant and Leathack

  • Cart Gofr Paper: having white color with high brightness, and many different shape of tendons suitable for printing wedding or invitation of luxury banquet cards.

  • Tant paper: having ivory white color, the shape of paper is not deep but only light. This paper is selected for printing greeting cards with simple, elegant designs.

  • Leathack paper: having a wide variety of colors and ribbons, but the colors of white, cream, pink, red, green, blue are normally used to print popup cards

paper art for greeting card 

3. Fine paper without tendon: There are several types with the name as

  • Eco Heim Paper: Colors are not too showy, but they tend to be simple, rustic colors.

  • Malmero Paper is one of the brightest color products

  • Registro and EuroPremium paper are two smooth one with creamy white and smooth.

  • Modigliani paper: With the impressive black color of mystery, full of powerful, luxurious.

Currently, fine art papers are imported from China and some European countries such as Italy, USA, Japan. Due to our special design and manufacture of popup card, our products are 100% imported from Europe for being durable and not wet when the weather wet and dry in Vietnam. Each product with a paper bag envelope, and all.


bulding popup card 3d

If you have the need to buy or design yours own's 3d popup card, please contact us at: 0902123668 for more details about the price as well as the number of orders.

thiep noi hinh xe jep

Car Popup card


thiệp nổi 3d hình cây thông noel

Christmas popup card 3d


làm thiệp nổi 3d hình bình hoa

Flowers popup card 3d


thiệp nổi lọ hoa 3d

Popup card flower FL025

You are welcome!

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