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Children’s Day in VietNam

Children's Day is a commemorative date celebrated annually in honor of children, whose date of observance varies by country. In 1925, International Children's Day was first proclaimed in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare. Since then, it is celebrated on June 1 in most countries. Children's Day is celebrated by the UN on November 20

The International Children's Day of Vietnam is one June 1st, the festival day for children. As children are the future of mankind, the event sends adults a reminder about taking better care and protection towards their beloved kids.

The way Vietnamese people celebrate this meaningful event is varied. It could be done by individuals. That is, in each family, parents do something special for their kids: taking them to the parks, buying them toys, or holding a picnic at the suburb or something that might be as simple as going out, enjoying some fresh air. As you know, even when children do not have to go to school, their parents still have to go to work

The celebrating process can also be done by groups or institutions. For example, a company, or a residential group can hold a party for the children of its members—one that is well served with plenty of snacks, fruits and soft drinks, and gifts.

The first International Children’s Day in Vietnam was 1st June 1950. However, as far as along years ago, Vietnam already had its own children’s day which is Mid-Autumn Festival (Têt Trung Thu) on 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month.  Until now, Tết Trung Thu is still one of the most significant festival in Vietnamese culture which revolves around children.


Pop-up cards are one of the unique and educational gifts for children, can helping them to recognize the animal world visually with a 3-dimensional floating model.

Popup card is a special type of greeting card, it is craft manually with small pieces of paper to build simulation in the form of a 3-dimensional model of an animal, an architectural work, a flower ... Vivid with true colors.

Therefore, you can use popup greeting cards to give to children on International Children's Day, depending on their age, gender and background, you can choose our floating card templates in this link:

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On this day, children activists call for people’s attention by the most effective and outstanding ways. Donations for disadvantaged children will be collected and sent to the right places, and visitations to hospitals of pediatrics will be carried out.

In general, Children’s Day is the occasion of promoting the bond between parents and kids as well as the connection among children, of enhancing child welfare and protection.

Wish you and the children in your family a peaceful and happy life

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