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Update: 13/09/2017
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Christmas card market in the summer of 2017

While in Vietnam preparing  the Mid-Autumn Festival for children, it is also the time in western countries are preparing the next season's Christmas products.
In the Vietnamese market, the Christmas well come has also begun. The pre-sale cards are not much change compared to previous years. The trend for consumers in this year is 3d popup card named in English 3d popup or handmade greeting card with traditional symbolic decorations such as snowman, reindeer, Christmas tree, laurel wreath.


popup card santa 2017 popup card noel 2017


A popular Christmas greeting card is normal price from 15,000 - 25,000 VND. If the popup card is designed and decorated with more motifs such as hay, emulsion, stone seeds, ribbon ... will be more expensive around 5.000đ -10.000.


The most remarkable is the kind of cutting paper card, sophisticated, meticulous as per popup card style (pop-up card). The cost of this card is quite high, from VND 35,000 - 60,000 depending on the size and complexity. In addition, hand-made cards are quite popular because of the limited number of sales and individual cards


The popular Christmas cards are traditional cards, priced from VND 5,000 to VND10,000, which are imported by mass merchants  from China or from domestic production units.


In modern life, everything is sold by industrial production products, a hand-made card made by the hands of friends or relatives will be a meaningful Christmas gift, giving the recipient the feel of sincere heart. . With the development of information technology, more young people like to design and make cards by themselves or make handmade by video tutorials to donate to family and friends. This is a unique gift with meaning to express your feelings for the recipient.


You just need to type the keyword "make hand -made gif" or "Christmas card hand- made" that you can find hundreds of clips detailing instructions how to make cards from simple to complex as 3D or pop- up


Not only that, you can find many patterns for making cards to print and cut and paste to create beautiful hand-made popup cards.


As per opinion from  unit or Agent or company that wants  to make hand-made card with their color and brand image or simulate its products and services. You can order popup card at domestic production as gifts  on Christmas day at prices from 15,000 to 100,000 depending on the size and sophistication of the product.

popup picture 01 popup picture 02
popup picture 03 popup picture 04
popup picture 05 popup picture 06

In addition to the popup card, we also market some popup picture patterns produced on the principle of a popup card.

Our company has been supplying the gift market with various types of embroidery cards which are produced according to the design and order requirements. For many objective reasons to protect copyright design so there are many models which do not introduce to our website.


popup card 3d design design popup card 3d

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