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Designing and producing monopoly popup cards

The designing & producing popup cards has currently not paid attention on copyright registration in our country. Some of producers make more and more popup cards but not copyright registration.
Inside that is the hundred kinds of popup cards are sold in gift & guide store from China (about 80% of market).
If you are retail buyer, you can buy these popup cards in the market, but if you are unit (a company, enterprise …), you should choose a unit producing popup cards as your request for your customers on which event, it means that you need a business producing monopoly popup cards.


The authored popup cards is also used when you order a unit to make monopoly popup cards as your request, then you should register copyright after designing this form; after that this form is proceed to produce more. If another unit produces kind of same product as yours, it will be copyright infringement.
We always apply copyright laws; we will not re-use a form designed for new customers; we always register copyright after designing popup cards for our customer from Germany, USA, France, Italy ….
Therefore, our orders are always redesigned to ensure the difference from the previous product. This is the difference of our advance against with many other card issuers in Vietnam have not done


There are now a number of small manufacturing unit that does not have a professional design team. They simply purchase a sample, then remove it to copy the details to the cutter and then finalize the product. Some larger units have a design team but do not perform copyright to protect yours, they are willing to provide the products of your company ordered for other companies without changing the design detail.
If you are ready to design your company or your business with a special popup card for your customers or staff at the end of the year, please contact us by 0902123668 to get in touch. The consulting and quotation of the cards depend on the number of production orders. All our popup card products are delivered to customers, when each card accompanied with a paper envelope and a plastic bag to keep it long and easy to use. .
We wish to cooperate with you!

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