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Ester day symbols and popup card for Childrent on Ester day

Easter for Christians around the world is an important holiday. It is an occasion celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a holy festival is associated with a variety of symbols and icons

Symbols of Easter include real eggs or eggs manufactured from a range of materials, nests, lambs and rabbits or hares. Sometimes these symbols are combined, for example, in candy models of rabbits with nests full of eggs. Eggs, rabbits, hares and young animals are thought to represent the re-birth and return to fertility of nature in the spring.

pop up card for easter day

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus so associated with popular symbols such as eggs, candy, bunnies and food. Here we have some listed the most popular symbols associated with Easter.

Easter Bunny: The Easter bunny distributing colorful eggs is one of the most popular symbols of Easter.

Easter Eggs: decorated eggs in multi-color came down from pre-Christian traditions

Easter Lily: Lilies have since time immemorial stood as a symbol of purity, innocence, hope and grace. Throughout regions celebrating Easter, one can find altars and houses adorned by the pristine Easter lily.

The Lamb: The symbol of the lamb is strongly rooted in Christian belief. One of the most important symbols of Easter, the lamb signifies the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Dogwood: The dogwood is another important adoption for Easter. It is widely believed that the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified was made of the wood from a Dogwood Tree.

Spring Chicks: Chicks that hatch during springtime are also considered to be a symbol of Easter. Like Easter eggs, which are considered to signify the tomb of Christ, spring chicks coming out of the eggs resemble Jesus Christ coming out of his Tomb

Butterfly: The butterfly is a strong Christian symbol of Easter. The entire life cycle of a butterfly can be viewed symbolically. The first phase of a butterfly’s life as a caterpillar resembles the life of Jesus Christ when he first walked on Earth

Bonfires and Candles: Bonfires and candles dismantle darkness by being the medium of light. Similarly, Jesus Christ is looked upon as the medium of light that came to destroy the darkness of the world.

The Cross: Initially, the cross was looked upon as a symbol of suffering because Jesus had been crucified on a cross. Later, after his resurrection, Christians began to believe that the cross symbolized Christ’s victory over death.

Chocolate eggs are the basis of most Easter baskets, but if you want to gift your kids something beyond candy, consider these thoughtful Easter gifts like books and puzzle toys to adorable plushies and personalized keepsakes they can hold onto forever.

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Before filling up an Easter basket though, it's important to consider what your kids' personal tastes and styles are. We'd suggest veering toward Easer bunny popup card, your children are sure to love seeing what the Easter Bunny's left in their baskets.

The paper model popup will surprise the recipients when they open it, the 3-Dimension model will appear immediately on the greeting card.

Easter-pop-up-card-01 Easer-popup-card-02
butterfly-popup-card-04 popup-card-butterfly

This gift like the game the Easter egg hunt, when looking for Easter gifts that toddler boys and girls can enjoy.

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