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Find out the type of sand picture

The sand pictures here are made of the arrangement of sand layers with different colors in a glass tooling to create works of art. 

To create a sand pictures, an artist must carefully pour little by little sand into glass jars or specialized glass vases with different layers of sand different colors to create pictures in rich color. In recently, sand pictures have become one of the most popular gifts due to its unique nature and meaning. 

The material used here is white sand and dyed after drying and exposed to the sun and remove microorganisms inside the sand and obtaining the finest sand for making. 

Materials used include glass jars or dedicated jars, scoops for sprinkling and shoveling sand, plushes and some other devices for adhesiving sand grains after completion to avoid deflections.  


Step 1: Find the picture or photo that you want to draw, the first should look as simple as possible. 

Step 2: You just can look at the sample just pour sand, or better way, should cut sample and put inside of the glass, then scan the picture again by drawing on the glass. 

Step 3: Tilting the glass about 30 degrees, pour sand into the glass in layers. Bring the spoon very light, pour sand into the glass as the pattern you want to create. Note that you should pour sand on glass face to shape the lines most clearly. 

Step 4: When the sand is formed, having spoon scooped lightly in the center of the glass to allow the layers of sand to stick together. 

Step 5: Then pour the sand into the center of the glass to keep the sand firm, and the sand layer is intact, do not move the stroke. 

Step 6: Continue pouring the remaining layers until the glass is full. 

Step 7: Spray the glue on the glass to hold the sand inside. 

sanding picture

Sand pictures are often created the multi-subject such as: portraits; calligraphy; flowers, animals and landscapes.

Hopefully with the above information, you will understand the value of the sand pictures and know more  an item to own or make a gift on each occasion of travel

sanding picture 3 sanding picture 4
sanding picture 5 sanding picture 8
sanding picture 9 sanding picture 10

Source: Refer to the content and pictures of some websites on the internet

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