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How to make clay Lily flowers

First of all, we want to tell you that we are a company to design in specially and manufacture popup cards, not a company making flowers by clay; but we want to share and introduce hand-made art to the readers. There are some readers written letters to require how to make clay flowers when some articles posted on our web.

In response to your love and sincerity for the art of clay flower in particular and handmade gifts in general, we would like to introduce the process of making a flower made from clay by Rainbow Flower Shop provided document image and steps to proceed (

Step 1: Preparing material
Clay mixed with color to be suitable for each kind of flowers, molds, ribs, gel, stick, thread to tie the petals, rollers and stick for iron, cover, knife, flower cutter (if any)


how to make Clay flower

Step 2: Making forms of leaves and petals flowers
Drawing leaves image on cover and cutting them into shapes (or you can buy a mold of lilies).

make clay flower

Step 3: Making the stigma and body
Using clay rounding the zinc to stigmatize, zinc to support the petals and body
Note: The stigma length is 9.5cm, the small stamen is 8cm long, big stamen is about 20cm long


making clay flower

how to making clay flower

how to making clay flower 3

how to making clay flower 4

how to making clay flower 5

Step 4: Making petals and leaves
Rolling thin, you need a rolling machine at level 3 or 4; if no rolling machine, you can use a glass bottles to thin with the thickness of about 0.3 to 0.5mm. You should cut the petals in the form, or use aluminum molds to cut for more beautiful and faster one (which needs 3 large petals and 3 petals small); then, you should use a mold of tendon to squeeze each petal to create a flower (if there is not mold which will not have a flat petal and natural).


how to making clay flower 6

how to making clay flower 7

clay flower

After that you should use the roller to roll the edge of the petals to more soft; stick the ribs of the petals by milk gel; style the petals, dry the petals on the blister and then paint color on the petals

Note: the length of the petal is about 10.5 cm, leaf length is about 7 cm, the thickness of the petals should estimate the true thickness of the flower. The steps to make flowers are similar to the petals, the width of the big petal is about 5 cm, the small petal is 3.5 cm.


clay flower making 3

clay flower making

clay flower making

clay flower making

clay flower making 2

Step 5: Match the pistil and the petals
Waiting for the color of the flowers to be dry, using to thread the stigma together with 6 small stigmats surrounding the large pistil; next to thread petals together (note that there are 6 petals, thread 3 large petals inside then 3 small petals outside). Use the stick for iron to drip on thread connector for securing the petals with the stigma. Apply clay, color and flower stalk to cover thread connector.

clay flower making 4

how to make clay flower 7

clay flower

how to make clay flower 8

how to make clay flower 9

Step 6: Finish
Attaching leaves to the body, adding clay to cover the connectors naturally. Make more flowers and plug them into the jar. Hopefully, you will be able to make beautiful flowers to decorate the living room of your family or work with these basic steps. If you want to buy materials to make clay flowers or ready-made clay flowers, please contact the Rainbow Clay Flower Shop at the top of the page. .


how to make clay flower 5
how to make clay flower 10

Good luck

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