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How to welcome Christmas in Vietnam

In the last few years, every the early of December, most of provinces and cities all the country, especially Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang the big cities in Viet Nam... have been felt atmosphere of Christmas coming with the glittering, eye-catching scene in the streets by decorating the shops, supermarkets, entertainment centers ... And the most popular point being the decoration of the churches.
noel in viet nam
Although Christmas is not original from Vietnam, it is a holiday of Christian followers such as Catholics, Protestants, and was introduced into Vietnam in 1533 and has become one of the religious with a large number of followers.

Although, it is not the official holiday in Vietnam, but was held on the 24th and lasted until December 25. In these days, the Christmas tree was decorated in many places by real or artificial made of plastic tree in which they usually hang many kinds of decorations such as rings, snow leopards, boots, gift packages which is original from Western countries.
On these days, everyone has been attending the festival to integrate and to enjoy the beautiful culture, not spiritual purpose. Therefore, there are many young people without Catholic or Protestant also welcome to Christmas celebrate.

The first Christmas was held in Vietnam by a woman who was the Queen Maria Madeleine Minh-Duc. She was the wife of Lord Nguyen Hoang, and the mother of Prince Nguyen Phuc Khe.

It is about fifteen years ago, Christmas was only a holiday for the Catholic or Protestant , and nowadays is considered as common cultural activity of the community, mainly of the young. Christmas in Vietnam has now become a bustling cultural community, couples expressing their affection for each other with gifts; children eagerly waiting for his arrival Santa Clause, family, friend invited each other, feast, or sing karaoke.


Many Vietnamese people love & have learned Christmas songs in English. Many foreigners living and working in Vietnam also hold a meaningful Christmas with their friends and colleagues in a warm, peaceful atmosphere.

Christmas celebrations are also welcome in many countries in the world because it is generally the festival with community-based, the simple activity, not too many mysterious spiritual that should be welcomed by many countries and quickly become popular. Christmas in Vietnam is welcomed from the people and the Vietnamese society which is known multi-ethnic and multiethnic country. The Vietnamese culture is always dynamic, adapting but not dissolving. The welcoming quickly of new religious cultural activities is a good thing in harmonizing the religious and cultural activities from the Vietnamese.

Over the course of history, Vietnam still preserves and develops its own culture and influenced by Buddhism. Since Catholicism and Protestantism carrying on missionary work to Vietnam, the society has influenced by Christmas and Easter which contributing the enrichment of spiritual and spiritual life.

Christmas in Vietnam is also decorated as foreign countries with symbols such as Christmas tree, Santa Claus, advent ring etc. Especially, the foreign companies in Vietnam, they also decorate their Office for although the occasion.

Christmas in Vietnam is appreciated and becomes more meaningful for every citizen, you can participate in the Christmas carnival in places such as Bo Ho area, Big church, Old Quarter in Hanoi; Notre Dame Cathedral, Nguyen Hue Walking Street in Ho Chi Minh city and other big supermarkets in other cities decorating fluttering to welcome guests.

If you have been to Vietnam and enjoy the coolness of Hanoi during Christmas and the festive atmosphere there you will not be able to forget those moments.

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Do not forget to buy some souvenir items on this occasion, such as a Christmas card for a gift to your friends and relatives when returning home.

Wish you a happy and happy noel season!

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