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Introducing Halloween Popup card

Halloween is a festival on the October 31 every year. This Halloween celebration comes from an ancient Celtic festival known as the Samhain.
They uses the word “Halloween” around the 16th century, the original name is "All-Hallows-Even (evening)", meaning the night before All Saints. It is believed that on October 31st the boundary between life and death disappeared, the spirits were out of hell to return home to relatives enjoying the food and drink.

However, living people do not want they enter their soul, so on that day peoples often open fire in their house to make the house dark and cold as well as the graveyard, they use masquerade because they think they are like themselves and not enter.

Many young people around the world are eagerly awaiting Halloween, young people in Vietnam also celebrate this festival. In the Halloween festival, people dress up like ghosts, hang out on the street or hang around the fire, hanging pumpkins .

I wondered why, on this occasion, they used Halloween greeting cards. I find out and know the first card was born to give friends and relatives on the occasion of Halloween as well as other holidays such as Christmas.
The postcard of the early 1900s depicts a woman wearing a pointed hat resembling a witch with the words "Congratulations to Halloween".

To day, they use of Halloween greeting cards is used by many to give each other symbols such as pumpkin, castle, leprechaun.

Greetings card for Halloween are available in many types, from electronic cards to printed cards used by young people, they also use handmade cards to create unique gift. With the creation and cutting edge laser machine, we have produced many Halloween popup card support for local and overseas markets.
Our new floating card templates are as complete as the following:

halloween popup card happy halloween popup card
Halloween Popup card code  SD004
Halloween Popup card code  SD002
Halloween Popup card code 5 Halloween Popup card code 7
Halloween Popup card code  SD005
Halloween Popup card code  SD007
Halloween Popup card code 8 Halloween Popup card code 10
Halloween Popup card code  SD008
Halloween Popup card code  SD010
Halloween Popup card code 17 Halloween Popup card code 11
Halloween Popup card code  SD017 Halloween Popup card code  SD011
When you have the need to produce greeting cards on demand, contact me for more details
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