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Introducing Non La traditional conical hat in Hue

We have a job to make traditional conical hat all local in Viet Nam. These ones purpose to wear on the heads against rainy & sunny. They have its own characteristics for each local in hand-made. Hue is the center of hand-made cones of our country.
Making a traditional conical hat has been a long time in Hue for hundreds of years with many villages such as: Da Le, Phu Cam, Doc So, West, Kim Long, Sia ...
Among these villages, it is referred to Tay Ho because it was the first place to make a famous hats and was introduced to Vietnamese poetry. It is perhaps by the origin to make conical hat and the beautiful Hue girls wearing long dress which are a beauty of traditional form and become the symbol of the girl in Hue.


non la in hue

A conical hat looks like simple, but to make them is a feat as well as the labor under the skillful hands of the craftsman. Normally, it takes about 15 steps to make a hat: from picking up the leaves, drying leaves, opening, ironing, picking leaves, making brim, cutting leaves, brushing, cutting thread… Therefore, in the craft villages, the division of labor is very specific, such as frame makers, bridle workers, conical hats ... one person, even one family do some very professional work.
The kind of leaves used in making Hue's conical hat are the leaves of “Bo Quy Diep" tree selected for stitching, steaming, drying, frosting, flat so that leaves can be kept white and green that is used for the next steeps.



The Hue conical hats are always made of two layers, the craftsman must be clever so that when the leaves are not overlapping layers, this makes thin caps and bars, then cover the oil over several times, dry enough sun to cone beautiful and durable.
You have probably heard of a special hat called "nón bài thơ" poem hats, referring to Hue's conical hat, cannot refer this hats, because it is not just a hat but a true artwork.
The poem hat is actually a conical hat, but the difference is that between the two leaves are the verse or iconography of the imperial capital Hue was subtle inlet.
The largest hat of Vietnam up to now belongs to Nonthan shop with a diameter of 2.75m, 1.6m high, perimeter, 8.63m, made of 800 leaves located on 52 conical horn and has total weight 30kg.


the bigest hat in Viet Nam

The tourism industry in Hue is developing, the conical hat becomes a souvenir with the unique culture of Hue. The hat is more beautiful when the art was painted by pictures the Vietnamese scenic spots on the cone leaf cone and which is popular to domestic and foreign tourists.
If you are a visitor when you come to Hue, please do not forget to buy yourself a gift souvenir as a the conical hat, and for the friends and relatives will be popup cards embossed the image of the beautiful girl of Hue in a long dress and conical hat.


non la hue in viet nam

The popup cards are depicted girls and beautiful scenery in Hue that is one of the gifts for many foreign tourists buying in large quantities, due to the unique and easy transportation. Each card is with an envelope and plastic bag for storage and convenience for the user.


nice girl in Hue Viet Nam
Pop up card No VN002
girl on long dress in Viet Nam
Pop up card No VN003
Hue Girl in violet and hat
Pop up card No VN004
Girl in xich lo
Pop up card No VN005

Vietnam Popup Card and Handicraft, JSC is a unit specializing in designing, manufacturing the cards on demand and orders in quantity for domestic and foreign units from 2012 up to now.
For further information, please contact at 0902 123 668 - 0918 986 889
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