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Laser Cutting paper and pop-up card model

A laser cutting machine works by focusing a laser beam at a single wavelength at a material. When focused, the light rapidly raises the temperature of the material at such high levels that it starts to melt or vaporize.

The laser cutting head moves over the material following the specific 2D trajectory given by a design created in graphic software. The result is that the material is cut into the desired shapes.


hand made pop-up card

Laser Cutting Paper

Recently, a new laser cutting art has arisen: laser cutting paper. Paper represents one of the most suitable materials for laser cutting. That’s because it quickly evaporates during cutting, making it easy to process.

Machine-cut paper isn't necessarily new, but the ability to create delicate and intricate patterns with lasers has opened up the world of paper arts even further. It allows the world of print media to really expand its abilities, providing breathtakingly beautiful products in multiple settings.

The laser cutting technique applied to paper combines high precision and speed, especially useful for the mass production of complex geometries.

It might not seem like much, but in fact, there is a lot to be gained from the application of laser cutting to paper arts like popup card, wedding card. Among the many products benefitting from precise designs are pop-up greeting cards, and pop-up books.

mother day popup card 

A laser paper-cutter machine is somewhat like a smaller version of some of the industrial-level laser-cutting equipment we feature on our site. It features a small, high-powered beam of light that cuts the paper by heating it. In a nutshell, here's how lasers work: They channel the way atoms release photons and send them into a powerful beam. A laser is able to cut materials such as paper because it can melt, burn, or vaporize materials away. Laser cutting processes can be used to cut a variety of materials, including steel.

In this case, the paper is quickly evaporated. Effectively and safely burning tiny amounts of paper, card stock, and cardboard away allows professional printers to make tighter and smaller cuts than machine-cutting would allow.


Producing popup card model in Vietnam

Also, the laser can do this without causing the edges of the paper to have burn or scorch marks. The high quality of the surface left behind by the process decreases the likelihood that the resulting product will tear or be damaged during production, compared to the production process of machines, which is likely to be affected by the natural wear and tear that happens over time.

Depending on the laser paper-cutting machine in question, many lasers can handle anything from fine papers to cardboard. Printers and designers use these systems to draw out intricate patterns, including logos, text, graphics, and more.

produce 3d popup card model

animal pop-up card

We have invested in a modern laser paper cutting system to produce 3D model paper cards. The 3D paper pop-up card model assembled from many small pieces that were cut by laser machines. We then assembled each piece manually to crafted by hand to build a paper 3D model inside a greeting card. Every time you open the card, the pattern will appear lightly.

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