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Update: 16/01/2018
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Learning about clay flowers

Clay flower is a kind of handmade clay flower by Japaneses who are the first creator more than 80 years ago. It is the reason why the clay used to make the most beautiful clay flower products is now made in Japan because of its composition, which includes special ingredients that other countries like Thailand, Japan, Korea, China cannot be more beautiful than Japan.

Clay flower

The art of clay flower is not only popular in Asia and Europe, in Vietnam there are also many establishments producing, supplying materials and opening classes to teach making clay flower. To make a clay flower, by the ingenuity of the hands, it requires concentration and creative thinking and through many different stages from design, coloring, drawing details, shaping... to make a clay flower, so each one will bring a beauty, no wing like together.

After being colored, clay powder is laminated to shape wings, leaves, turtles ... which are used to mold the veins to print the veins on the surface so that it is like the most actual flowers. The roll is also used to create curves and softness of the petals.


clay flower in viet nam

After the shaping process, the next process is drying the petals by natural wind, not heat, because the high temperature will cause the petals to crack. After the petals dried, it is coloring by hair-brush, this is the stage to require the sophistication and skill of the work. The last step is to combine the details such as petals, petals, stamens together, not adhesive bonding.

The maintaining the clay flowers for long times (over 5 years), you should to pay attention to placing flowers in dry, cool, and avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight. When flowers being dusty, you should clean it by a soft brush or a instruments for spraying dusty.

In addition, clay flower is not baked, that makes the petals soft, so you should moisture to clay flowers to ensure its texture always soft by using light fog nozzles every week especially on hot dry days so that the petals are not too dry to cracking.

Clay flowers are not only used for indoor decoration, but also used as gifts for housewarming, even wedding flowers for the bride and groom.


clay flower for bridge


flowers for groom flowers for the bride

If you want to give gifts to your friends and relatives, let us refer to some of the sample flower popup card made by our company directly producing from design to assembly to complete it.

These popup cards are made of art paper, through cutting, handmade to complete the unique, fancy, and impressive products.


flower 3d popup card

Popupcard 3d flower FL039
flower popup card 3d

Popupcard 3d flower FL040
popup card 3d flower

Popupcard 3d flower FL041
flower popup card

Popupcard 3d flower FL042
popup card flower

Popupcard 3d flower FL044
popup flower card

Popupcard 3d flower FL045

When you have a need to design a unique popup card, or order, please contact us by 0902123668/0918986889.

Very pleased to serve!

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