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Learning about handmade paper flowers

There are many different kinds of handmade paper flowers as wrinkled paper, foam paper with popup details in which the popular paper is swollen because it brings unique beauty and natural.
Besides the real flowers, the artificial flowers are gradually used by many families to decorate their house because it is not inferior to the artificial flower and have longer time to use such as silk clay, paper, plastic flowers ...


paper flower

Fake flowers have appeared in the market for a long time but these flowers have never been "old fashioned" due to the craftsmanship and passion of worker and utility machinery, materials to make many kinds of flowers with more alive and real. The most commonly hand-made flowers are clay (learning about clay flowers) and paper flowers that we will introduce in this article.
The textured paper flower is mainly made from fine art paper which is stretchy to have a certain length, and create petals. When paper reached stretchy, it is texture, softened according to curvature of petals, and keep them formed without falling
The textured paper flowers require the careful technic to work on each petal, the more clever the more sophisticated and beautiful on each product. The putting petals together for parallel, natural and lively depend on the workmanship and the aesthetics of the worker.


flower paper

Handicraft paper flower is now sold by many stores, so some young people specialize in making these to provide the market. Besides using textured paper, the flowers are also used each layer of art paper instead of textured paper to put them together.
Once you have done each flower, the next is important step which is the choosing and combining flowers and colors create a beautiful flower vase. Artisans can use flower baskets by rattan, pots or vases to place flowers and coordinate the colors, sizes and quantities in a harmonious way.
Here are some pictures of handmade paper flowers that we would like to introduce to you, these flowers are now many stores as well as online.


paper art flower

I would also like to recommend you a greeting card made with paper flower form and handmade is a flower popup card. These cards were designed by our computer simulations, the components cut by laser on paper and then assembled together to form a unique popup card meaning as gifts donate.


flower 3d popup card

Popupcard 3d flower FL039
flower popup card 3d

Popupcard 3d flower FL040
popup card 3d flower

Popupcard 3d flower FL041
flower popup card

Popupcard 3d flower FL042
popup card flower

Popupcard 3d flower FL044
popup flower card

Popupcard 3d flower FL045

Here are some samples of popup card flower for your reference, when you need to have a sample or order in bulk (over 300 units / order) please contact us at 0902123668 / 0918986889 for details.

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