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Learning about Hue paintings

All the glass painting are now the products of the Nguyen dynasty and are displayed at the Imperial Museum of Hue Antiquities and Imperial Tombs in Hue, such as Dien Tho Palace (the main palace), Minh Mang Tomb Tu Duc Tomb (Hoa Khiem, Luong Khiem), Dong Khanh (Nguoi Hong) and Hue Nam (Hon Chen)
The theme of Hue royal court paintings is basically three main types.

Glass pant in Hue
The kind of painting (included drawing & poem) called “THI HOA” or another name “tho ngu che” is normally descripted by 20 beautiful scenery ranked by King Thieu Tri, the painting of illustrations of poems about the seasons of the year, or the scenes which the King suddenly thinking about this...
The second type of painting does not cover poetry, but it is the subject of illustrations for the event in Chinese history.
The third type of painting is tranquil thing. For visitors, these paintings can be merely beautiful scenery of nature, of lovely country, but for the researchers, besides the artistic value, each the glass painting is also important basic & material to restore and rebuild relic related.

Glass paint in Hue 2
The glass painting from royal Hue is a type of painting with the identity of Hue. The material used to make these paintings is a color power mixed with gel or paint drawn or encrusted on the back of the glass (painting or encrusting on the glass surface as “phan hoa” to see the front of the positive.) Learn more about glass art
The difference from Hue and South glass paintings was made that Hue glass painting to serve the ruling class of the royal court of the old or displayed in high places, so it has painted by itself looking luxury, noble, not wildlife, ordinary life as glass painting of South.

Glass paint in Hue

Hue glass paintings are framed in gold-plated wooden frames that are very sophisticated, and also require more elaborate techniques than the glass of the South, this is also a great difference from the painting in the court.
Glass painted in Hue
The glass painting is today, created to see two faces of the painting by the development of glass art, not just one side as the glass before. These glass products were introduced at the International Trade Fair Hue Festival 2016 and attracted many people interested.
The fair attracted the booths of all businesses in Hue and other localities in the country and especially 50 booths from Laos and Thailand. The display area of souvenir products, traditional handicrafts including 50 booths; some of them, there are many handicraft products that are of interest to customers

popup greating card
popup card 3d

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