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Learning about painting of Sinh village in Hue

Painting of Sình village is different from painting of Dong Ho, Hang Trong because it is used for worship and will be burned after that.

Painting of the Sinh village is now divided into three main groups: painting of characters, animals, objects by researchers and collectors.

Sinh Picture

Character paintings: including statues of Mrs., pictures, Mr. Dieu, Mr. Doc. The set of paintings to worship gods pray for people like the master, Mr. Dieu, Mr. Doc, Mrs. Thuy, the three Pham Tinh ...

Animal pictures: These are paitings of 12 animals in the lunar calendar, Mouse, Buffalo, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snail, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Cock, Dog, Pig.

Painting of objects: These are pictures painted the clothes; weapons, archery ... or other kinds of offering such as shirts for Mr., shirts for Mrs., shirts for soldiers with decorative pattern.

Painting of Sinh village is handmade by printing the main lines and colors with wood engravings on the surface of printed paper, the remaining colors are hand painted, so no picture is the same together and also a unique feature of the village folk paintings.
To have a picture must go through all 7 steps such as paper cutting, quét điệp ?, painting on the origin printing paper, drying painting, coloring, finally being the label.

printed Sinh Picture

Painting of Sanh village is full colors of blue, red, purple, yellow, indigo blue, orange, black ... are extracted from natural plants extremely elaborately. The red color is made from the roots of the Vang stree from the deep forest, putting it into the clay pot and burning by red fire for four to five days. Blue color is made from the Danh Danh flower on the March of ever year.  And to the April of each year, indigenous people defoliate Đung leaves mixed Hoe leaves which are concentrated by burning or drying to make the yellow color. And the purple color is easy to make by using the original purple color from Mongtoi seed picked up on May or Jun od every year, firstly they pound, then squeeze into liquid and mix them together and add some vinegar for keeping color. Indigo blue is made from Indigo leaves soaked in lime, beat and foam, then picked up the foam carefully filtered, the water in and condensed. Orange (bricks) made from grinded bricks mixed into powder. And black is a mixture of ash mixed with soaked leaves in a month. 

Nowadays, the painting of Sinh village is recognized as a cultural heritage preserved and developed. Therefore, they are developed not only painting for worship but also painting for decor, hanging wall to serve visitors to traveling Hue with new topics such as: wrestling with sitting, lying, standing postures, games, male and female tug, “bịt mắt bắt dê” game, images of eight kinds of ancient music sound  include erhu, moonstone, drum, flute, monochord, pipa, Zither.

Sinh Vilage Picture

If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, please visit the Sinh village where is far from Hue about 8km to the lower Huong River, Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district to admire these unique and colorful paintings. In addition, you should visit at some souvenir shop near to city of Hue to buy a few cards to highlight the culture of Vietnam with the image of Hue girls in ao dai and the ancient hat.
Girl popup card in Vietnam

The gilrs in Hue popup card

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