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Learning about paper cutters for professional use as 3D cards

We can cut text and images on the popup card with fine lines and sophisticated to every detail of decorative card by the paper cutting machine today. With the ability to work with cutting speed, fast engraving but ensuring the fine patterns in the process of producing 3D cards in Vietnam.
Operation of the cutter is based on the operation of the cutter to cut the paper in the direction of the image files designed on the computer. After positioning and the paper to be cut on the machine, the machine will operate and cut. Follow the lines with extremely fast and accurate time.
Laser engraving machines can be engraved on all types of paper in all shapes and designs desired by the customer. From ordinary paper, art paper to cardboard, even carton can be cut on laser cutting machines.

popup card cutting lazer
The mechanism of Lazer's cutting machine is to burn paper by laser, although paper is a very flammable material, but when using laser cutting technology, paper card patterns will be created quickly without leaving behind burn marks or smudges of smoke. Laser printers ensure a smooth, clean look, without compromising the aesthetics of the 3d greeting popup card.
They surely have known the Decal cutters. Cutting technology uses a metal cutter to engrave cut surfaces, while laser cutting is a solution that uses high temperatures to burn cutting lines in a very short time. With the mini laser cutter you can create your own 3D greeting cards for yourself or for friends or after design you can carry cutting with the laser cutting machine in the big stores.

popup card 3d doing

As a pioneer in designing and supplying of popup card products in the country and abroad, VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS has invested in the most advanced laser cutting system in the United States to meet the needs of customers in terms of product quality as well as improve labor productivity to meet timely delivery.
When you need to design or order 3D popup cards, please contact us at 0902 123 668 - 0918 986 889 for more information.

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