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Learning the art of glass painting

A glass art painting is a type of art painting on the glass material. It is different from other to be sculptured, carved on glass painting combined by skillful hands and the art of artisans to create paintings on glass.

Art glass always creates luxury, modern, level space which helps being out of the feeling of cramped, shabby from every person to bring a new breath into the corner of your home space.



With its glass base, it can bear hot, humid from weather conditions and bright light, therefore, when combined with light, it becomes a sparking picture with full of art.
The glass painting is applied 3D engraving technology due to the advancement of science today, to create more work with uniformity and faster work.



Nowadays, the modern 3D glass paintings are used use a grinding machine to create the image (abrasive) carved on the glass surface and then color to create the 3D picture, which is different from modern and old 3D picture to create.
The glass paintings are, therefore, not only limited to wall paintings, but have also been developed into wall art glass for decorative purposes like a background or partition walls, doors, glass shower enclosures, decoration, air, door glass as logo, mirror combined with furniture such as table, shelf



According to artisan Pham Hong Vinh (Vinh Coba), he said that the art of 3D glass painting has been thought to be art products from China or Europe for long time, but it is creative art products from Vietnamese, that he is considered as a pioneer, an ancestor of the profession.

You have probably heard of glass art in the Mekong Delta long ago, this is a traditional folk art for long times of glass painting with the many styles such as paintings of worship, heaven, ancestors, or hanging door decorated such as the characteristics of Southern housing architecture being landscape, characters, animals painting


glass-painting-3d-06 glass-painting-3d-05

Paiting to worship Buddha, forefather is usually hanging at the ancestral, buddha altar, often exhibits themes such as the horizontal plate, the opposite. The paintings which hanging front of the door often painted under the theme "Loan phượng Hòa minh" symbolizes harmony couple or "Peony and phoenix" symbolizes thriving



Previously, the glass paintings were almost hung at the altar, main hall, living room and even above the door of the house. Nowadays, the glass painting is no longer exists and forgotten by many reasons, but perhaps the main reason is the taste of aesthetics and the needs of people more and more increasingly high. Nowadays they turn to modern glass art with richer themes, new genres and colors to suit modern life.
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