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Make the Air Valentine card

Have you ever made a 3D card? If not, this is the perfect first card to make. It’s so easy, beautiful, and a great handmade gift for a friend or loved one on Valentine’s Day this year.

You can make this cute 3D valentine card for your kids or have them make it themselves if they’re old enough to handle some simple craft materials like paper, scissors, and glue. Crafting time together is always a good idea!

Step 1. Print out the free template and cut the shapes out.

Print heart

Step 2. Use the heart to trace and cut out 4 red hearts.

Step 3. Use the rectangle shape to trace and cut out your patterned paper (this will be your basket).

Step 4. Fold your hearts in half and glue one on top of your white cardstock folded in half. Then glue the remaining 3 hearts (watch the video below for this part).

Step 5. Fold and cut your basket where the lines are and glue the sides down (watch the video below for this part).

Step 6. Glue your basket on the white cardstock downwards from the heart balloon.

Step 7. Glue your photo inside the basket.

Step 8. Glue two pieces of yarn connecting the balloon to the basket.

This card can be a super fun gift for teachers, grandparents, parents, or even just other family members and friends. More than likely, there won’t be many cards like this one out there so it’s certain to stand out!

If you’re looking for a few ways that you can make this card a bit different on the card as well and here are a few ideas to help get you started:

This Valentine’s Day, grab the paper and scissors to make this adorable 3D hot air balloon Valentine’s Day card! A few simple folds, some glue, and your favorite colored paper and you have a homemade hot air balloon that is perfect for your homemade Valentine’s Day cards.


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