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Meaning and function of the using poup cards as gifts or congratulations

When using greeting cards, pls reminder that your goal is not simply to send the greeting but also to have your heart and soul to the recipient. "The value of a gift is not in the gift, but in the heart of the giver," which means the way you give gifts and the time you spend for the gifts. It is especially featured and meaningful.
 The recipient will feel happy when receiving your greeting card with an unbelievable, surprising and exciting attitude and more impression when searching enthusiasm of your investment and time to buy the most meaningful and unique card for them. They will highly appreciate your value and sincerity to them and in return, they will respect your cards more.
A normal card will make them happy when it sending in time, but to be really surprised and impressed when they receive the cards which are 3D popup instead of other greeting card today. .

popup card birthday
I am sure that, even if you buy the 3D popup card, you will also be excited and unmatched with this gift, and you can imagine the surprise and satisfied of the recipient, when opening the popup card to see and read your wishes written in it.
There are various types of popup cards sold on the market, at souvenir shops near the tourist areas include many types of cards for birthday, Christmas and New Year, month ceremony for childrent, and illustrating the architecture, stadium ... so that you can freely choose the popup card which is suitable for recipient.

popup card stadium
You have the confidence to give a Valentine's Day by Valentine's popup card with a heart shape or a fresh flower; you can increase the bond, unite and win the hearts of people when you give friends, relative or colleagues with the popup cards on the occasion of the festival and also to bring joy to everyone.
If you are a business or manufacturing unit, why don’t you use our popup card to design own service? Surely you and your customers will be surprised to receive the popup cards simulated images of your products, this is also a way to promote the brand image being very delicate and smart craftsmanship.
animal popup carrd

halloween popup card
Imagine that a car coming to market, real estate projects will be designed and simulated with the real rate and reflected on the model impressively and unique popup cards so that you confidently introduce and dedicate to traditional customers and potential customers.
At this point you probably understand the potential for your development when using gift being the popup cards in a subtle way. If you are ready to make an idea or PR campaign or thank the customers with a proprietary card, please contact us at 0902123668 or email
Very pleased to work with you!
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