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Meaningful gift on March 8 with 3 d popup card

On each occasion of March 8, the gifts of fresh flowers, greeting card, handmade card, cosmetics and clothes…are prepared by several owner of shop where bought florist and souvenir for serving customers.
The International Women day from, on March 8, 1908, nearly 15,000 women marched on the streets of New York City demanding higher wages, reducing working hours and the abolition of child labor. On this, the US Socialist Party declared the first International Women's Day on February 28, 1909. On March 8, 1910, at the Second International Women's Conference, the presence of 100 women from 17 countries advocated for women's suffrage


happy woman day

The conference decided to choose March 8 as the International Women's Day, also known as the Women's Liberation Day  for the goal of uniting and fighting with the slogans "8 Hours of Work," "Equal Jobs," "Protecting Mother and Child.” The March 8 became the Women day on the World for struggle, national independence, democracy, peace and social progress and also for the welfare of women and children
Forgetting the process of fighting, on March 8 was held a meeting to celebrate and gradually became popular and changing into the day honoring women; and give gifts to the Women on this holiday. On the 8th of March, this our article is a summary and suggests some gifts for you to refer and use in the next year.

Those are fresh flowers and greeting cards, handbags, purses or clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, furniture or home decor items or handmade items…


gift for 8th on march

And addition, we also would like to introduce you to a popup card made in 3d shape which is reproduced the shape of any animal, flower, 3d card building, product or vehicle.

Besides the items you can choose as a gift for giving above, which will be more meaningful to your teacher with a 3d popup card shaped picture and Wishes words.

A gift for your girlfriend, it should be the greeting popup cards with heart shape or the zodiac; for family, it should be the 3d popup cards with animal and pet such as dog, cat, bird shape. All these are the best choices for you.
And a gift for organizations, agencies, your customers, colleagues … it should be the 3d cards with your company’s logo, image as thank  word on their contribution for company’s development today, and this type of cards can also strongly promote the brand image to the customer.



thiep noi 3d cho phu nu ngay 8 thang 3


thiep noi hinh co gai xinh dep o viet nam


thiep noi 3d an tuong


thiep noi 3d dep nhat


thiep noi 3d hinh hoa pupup card


thiep noi 3d hinh hoa pupup card 3d


thiep noi cung hoang dao


thiệp nổi cung hoàng đạo


thiệp nổi động vật hình gấu trúc


thiệp nổi 3d ý nghĩa


If you need to design and produce greeting 3d cards, please contact us at 0902 123 668 - 0918 986 889 for more information.

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