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Model car of 3D paper in popup card style

The model car is collected from lot of young people, there are models cars of metal or plastic value up to tens of million VND, which is the model car produced in miniature size of the real car.

The most of popular models cars with prices less than 1 million VND are loved by young people to buy and show. The car models included the car manufacturers and car kinds to super cars are the manufacturers simulating as the ratio of 1: 18; 1:24; 1:32; 1:43; 1:64 ...

There are also cheaper models of paper cars for children to stimulate and develop the mindset as well as the ingenuity of the hands and train the patience.


mô hình xe hơi nhựa mô hình xe hơi
mô hình xe bằng giấy mô hình xe hơi bằng giấy

Car models are also unique gifts for young children, however, the car model is quite expensive so you should not give it to children under the age of 8, but should only give children to secondary school up.

So if you are a business or car dealer, what meaning gift do you give your customers or partners?
With a paper car model designed in the form of popup cards is a unique and special gift that you can donate your customers on the New year occasion, or the opening event.

The 3D popup card Vehicle model is a model designed on the basis of building blocks of details to put together to create a car or motor that you can order.

The details after being assembled will create an impressive car-shaped card to be against the recipient. Here are some models of transport including cars, motorcycles, double motor ... designed to simulate designs in the form of popup floating cards for your reference. Hopefully, after watching, a new idea will come to you to turn your products into paper patterns in the form of 3d popup cards.






Pls contact us at 0902123668/0918986889 for more specific advice, when you have the need to design a particular pattern popup cards as well as printing more information

Very pleased to serve!

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