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Our journey with 3D pop-up card

Remarkable step of 3D pop-up card

3D Pop-up cards are no longer unfamiliar with people nowadays. Although they only appeared and integrated in Vietnam market 7 years ago, popup cards 3D are getting more and more interests by consumers and gradually start an outstanding products’ recognition.

What makes 3D pop-up card distinguish from others?

Not like the normal printed greeting cards, 3D pop-up cards are handmade with a paper sharp. When you open will make surprisingly with a 3-dimensional paper art model built inside the card. This is a wonderful and successful a models of animals, objects, products … that are simulated in every 3D pop-up card.

Every pop up card have own meaningful messages depending on each type. This is definitely the perfect gift for you to give to your loved ones.


Vietnam Popup Cards and Handicrafts Company was founded at the end of 2013, at that time only 6 members join hands, and now 4 members are key leaders.

Through many difficulties and challenges, we are be come one of the top three business in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and providing 3D pop-up cards.


Not just a gift manufacturing company

We met many difficulties in building its human resources and position in the market. Developing a system from designing and manufacturing 3D pop-up card to distribution and consumption is a problem.

First time, our company sold cards in the country for small shops and tourist areas. The quantity is not much, so we are determined to build a brand to specialize in designing and producing customized popup cards. The right choice has led us to success, we has built a strong 3D Pop-up Card brand with more than 70 employees.

In Viet Nam, we have been a leading young enterprise in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying pop-up cards to customers not only in the country but also in other countries like England, America, Germany and Japan…

All our products are registered for exclusive protection. Each customer orders are guaranteed by us and are committed to not providing, not using the designed templates for other customers.

Our members of 3D pop-up card producing

Currently, the company has built a management system with links between departments, including: Administration Department, Design Department, Machine Room, Production Department, KCS Department and Transport.

To crafted pop up cards 3d, the most important and difficult is Design. This is the step that determines the structure and meaning of the card. Laser cutting machines imported from the United States give details and delicate pieces of paper. Through skillful and flexible hands with meticulousness, patience of assemblers, the card will gradually become perfect and soulful.

Through small cards you can send great meaningful messages. We have support popup cards with many different topics such as birthday pop-up cards, Christmas and new year pop-up cards, thank-you pop-up cards, love pop-up cards and many other topics…

Each card has a different texture but generally shows love and sincerity to the recipient. With all the passion, creativity and high sense of responsibility, we always work seriously, carefully and meticulously in every stage from design, paper cutting and assembly to packaging and transportation.

Why should you choose our card producing service?

We always put ourselves in the position of customers. We understand the wishes of customers to create a card not only impressive and unique, but product quality is always a top priority. The strength of making pop-up card brand is the love of the profession, the enthusiasm, and creating each card to bring love to everyone. The trust and support of customers is a great encouragement for us during the past time.

Vietnam Popup Cards and Handicrafts Joint Stock Company will always try, improve and further develop to meet all the needs of customers and bring more handmade embossed cards to every country on the world.

If you need to make pop-up cards as required, please contact me via or phone number on the website for timely answers!

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