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Popup card Christmas introduce

Sending greetings on Christmas is a common practice in Europe. However, in Vietnam, this one for Christmas is not yet popular. The tradition of sending Christmas cards originates in the land of fog, when Christmas coming, everyone common write handwritten letters and send them to their loved ones, especially those who are working or away their home with good wishes and good tiding and peaceful
The first Christmas card in the world was hand-drawn, consisting of three parts the middle part depicting a family gathering at a Christmas party and the rest two parts depicting poor children being fed, wearing warmly with the "Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!" on greeting card was designed by London painter Horsley in 1843.
Shortly after, Christmas cards were introduced rapidly to Europe and to the United States, and in 1875. Louis Prang, a German Americans printer in Boston showed to the market the kind of high in quantity greeting card used to give together each other during Christmas. Christmas cards may have been imported Vietnam since the time of the French colonial era, although it has been nearly 200 years since it was introduced into our country, the habit of giving Christmas and New Year greetings in Vietnam not yet popular.
But the greeting card for Christmas was had given together by young people, and frequently donated cards to their business partners by foreign offices in Vietnam in the last five years.
With that need, Christmas greeting cards are also born with a variety of models to meet the needs and developing in our country when Christmas and New Year coming. We are a company specially designing and manufacturing popup picture according to the requirements of each customer from 2013. We have produced hundreds kind of Christmas and New year popup pictures as per orders from domestic and foreign customers.
Our popup picture products are mainly exported to European and Asian countries as Germany, France, UK, Japan and Thailand... When receiving request from customers about pictures as popup, we will study & product sample for customers’ choice & test before proceeding to product series of products for customers.
As a new Christmas approaching, we would like to introduce you to some of the Christmas popup pictures was produced in previous years for your reference, if you would like to place an order in a sample, please contact us at 0902123668/ 0918986889 or email to get the best price depending on the quantity of your order.


Could you please find more samples in more detail for each type of product code and order online on our website at: 

Wish you a merry Christmas!

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