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Postcard shaped dog to Mau Tuat spring (spring of dog year)

As Vietnamese culture, the image of a dog is always close and attached to its owner with
Good virtues such as loyalty, intelligence, and bringing more luck, convenience to its owner’s business and pleasure. Especially, the northern of Vietnam, many families put the image of dog by stone in front of their house to chase the devil.



In the Vietnamese treasure of folk, proverb, there are many ones about dogs to teach young people such as: "Hanging Dogs, Cats"; "Playing with dogs, dogs licking their faces"; "Dogs near the house, close relatives cage"; "Dog tiger face culture"; "You are like a dog with a cat"; "Dogs eat stone and eat pebbles"; "Dog bites a torn shirt"; "Dogs with furry cat" ...



And there are also many questions to choose a wise and faithful dog owner such as:
"The most brindle, the second golden, the triangular, the four spotted"; "Trading hundreds of non-brothel breeds four feet "...
In this year, we designed a new popup card to reproduce the image of “Dalmatian” with her two young children with “Phúc” letter on the neck for wishing happiness to the owner.
Icon “Đào” & “Mai” flower is shown on two sides of the envelope embroidery card by cutting image as per special Vietnamese culture. Conjunctions carry the cultural characteristics of ancient Vietnam:


popup greeting card 3d

The film of 101 Dalmatians which is known by many people is idea for making sample popup. On next time, we will design the popup cards with image of dog on four especial dog in Vietnam these are Phu Quoc, Mong coc, Bac Ha, Din go.
Our company is the biggest in Hanoi specializing in 
Design and manipulating greeting popup cards in the country and abroad. When you need to design or order 3D greetings cards, please contact me at 0902 123 668 - 0918 986 889 for more information.

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