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Quilling art review

Art picture by rolling paper or twisted paper named Quilling by English, which are made up of folded strips of paper, then roll the paper rolls into a complete work. The materials created quilling are colorful paper strips. The making quilling is simple, anyone can do a quilling yourself by just a little bit of fineness, patience and painting ability.
The application of art of rolling paper is as varied as the creation of Quilling art. This can be applied to anything, from making decorative items such as hooks, calendars, handmade cards ...
A quilling card usually made from roll paper, this is a simple start for anyone just to learn Quilling and do Quilling. Making twister card does not take too much paper rolls, the rest forms are simple and easy to do
thiệp giấy cuộn

From there you can try to do quilting with many types of shapes and colors that are more diverse but larger in size and need more creativity.


Ms. Trang Diep Truc, a quilling picture enthusiast, shared the idea of this picture: "the people said paper could say. And to me, it is always present in thought, flashed the idea to do everywhre "..." The most attractive thing in quilling is the surprise of the paper thread. That is why we have to make the viewer aware of other seemingly unreal, senseless, delicate things that make sense, causing many people to agitate to see them bending together. The paper can be completely spoken, when we blow soul into it"


She also shared: in the first time, she had difficulty finding the fuel source: "I have to go to the bookstore looking for folding paper for smooth and beautiful. Finally I found 5 bags but only 5 basic colors. Due to wanted to make a picture for my relatives on her birthday, I took advantage of my blue pouch, found anything material like self-made white paste, bamboo toothpaste ... ".

tranh giấy cuộn 5

If you want to challenge yourself with quilling, here are some good tips for you to succeed.

You should start by "hand training" with the old paper, newspaper in advance. You need to cut the old paper into strips and roll the paper, wrapping the paper in basic paper rolls. Using the old paper helps you to master the paper workbook after a few weeks, then switch to using officially paper Quilling but not fear of waste!


While practicing with newspaper, start with simple Quilling patterns. Next you need to find out what kind of paper and how to use the tools to do Quilling. Quilling not only has a variety of tools but also uses a variety of material and thicknesses, so if you are unsure about paper thicknesses and textures and how to use Quilling tools, it's difficult to roll paper as your expect.

Here are some of the applications with Quilling paper, which is collected and aggregated from many sources on the internet to introduce to you.

tranh giấy xoắn tranh giấy cuộn 6
tranh giấy cuộn 2 tranh giấy cuộn 3
đồ dùng giấy cuộn tranh giấy cuộn 8
đồ dùng từ giấy cuộn tranh giấy cuộn 1

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