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Some of Hanoi traditional handicraft Villages

Hanoi is famous for a lot of traditional handicraft villages; every village has a different product. If you are planning to visit and learn about the cultural values - artistic and buy national - characterized souvenirs, these traditional handicraft villages is a great choice for you.

1. Bat Trang Ceramic Village
Bat Trang ceramic village is about 20km to the south east of Hanoi Old Quarter. This village has more than 500 years of  historic development. Bat Trang village specializes in producing pottery and porcelain which are well known from near to far.


bat trang pottery

When in Bat Trang, you can visit the local workshop to watch pottery making steps. The most interesting activity in Bat Trang maybe try your hands in making your own ceramic products at the worshop. After  finishing, you can bring your products home as souvenirs. The price for this service is incredibly cheap. You can buy ceramic products at the workshop or at the village ceramic market.
Near the ceramics market, there are some local food stalls serve snacks, local food.
To visit Bat Trang Village, you can go by bus, motorbike or take a biking tour.

2. Duong Lam Ancient Village
About 50km from Hanoi city center, Duong Lam ancient village is situated in Son Tay town. Beside of the ancient house collection, this village is also famous for producing ‘tuong’ (a kind of sauce). Each family in Duong Lam has a few jars of ‘tuong’ in  their house‘s front yard.

3. Van Phuc Silk Village
Van Phuc is the most ancient silk village in Viet Nam. It is about 10km south west of the center of Hanoi. Traditional silk weaving has been developed in this village more than 1200 years. Van Phuc silk became the most famous silk brand in Viet Nam. Silk products of Van Phuc village is exported to many countries in the world. Nowaday, there are more than 100 shops create a ‘town of silk’ that sell eye-catching and high quality silk products. Tourist can visit local house to discover the silk making industry and buy silk products as souvenirs. Price is different based on silk type.


4. Ha Thai Lecquerware Village
Ha Thai Lecquerware Village is situated at Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin District, suburban of Hanoi. Ha Thai village’s  lacquer painting has developed more than 200 years. Ha Thai’s products are diverse with thousands of different designs and models. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, spend a little time to visit Ha Thai village to get a look at how the craftsmen here blow soul in art lacquer.
Ha Thai lacquer products  are on display at the ‘Vietnam traditional craft village product’ exhibition area of Me Linh Plaza. Foreign guests can visit and buy on the way to the airport

ha thai wood boxes

5. Thach Xa bamboo dragonfly Village
Thach Xa Village is located at the foot of the Tay Phuong Mountains not only known for Che Lam (A Special cake with the main ingredients: Molasses,  brown sugar, Fresh ginger, Glutinous flour, peanuts) specialties but also famous for serving as a unique bamboo dragonfly.


chuon chuon tre

Craft man has to buy bamboo from distant mountainous areas, such as Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, and Lang Son because the materials in these areas are pliable, durable and resistant to termites. From April or May to New Year, Thach Xa Village is most bustling. Although only about 10 households in the village are engaged in the craft of making bamboo dragonflies, the village is always crowded with craftsmen and customers who come to place orders or buy products.

6. Dao Xa Traditional instruments Village
For more than 200 years, Dao Xa Village has produced numerous musical instrument makers, but their number has dwindled dramatically, with only one man left to carry the torch today. Vietnam is home to hundreds of traditional instruments, with no more than 30 being widely known, such as the monochord, the Vietnamese zither or the cylindrical drum.


dao xa village

The basic principle of making a perfect instrument is choosing the right wood and that an artisan has to know just by holding the piece of wood what kind of sound it will produce. for whom love traditional musical instruments travel from far away to Dao Xa village just to buy a high-quality instrument made by Soan because of its unique sound.

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