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Some of Zodiac card (part 1)

80% popup cards produced firm Vietnam is ordered from foreign customers, and the last of 20 % is ordered from Vietnamese customers.
With the work of pioneer for producing & designing greeting card in a big way,  Vietnam Popup Card and Handicraft, JSC.
 is proud of specialized unit supplying & producing Greeting card in Ha noi capital, Vietnam.
We always study for designing new popup card for the market.
Belows are some popular greeting card forms for Zodiac which is interested in European. Would you please order these popup cards as address on website, if you would have request.
The zodiac card for Taurus
The Taurus corresponds with people who born from Apr 20 to May 20
People of this caste are gentle, unruffled, honest, calm, loyal, practical, responsible, careful, patient, thrift and acknowledgeable.

popup card zodiac taurus

The zodiac card for Cancer
The curette corresponds to your date of birth from June, 22 to July, 22
People in this born are usually gentle, kind, affectionate, loyal, patient, good memory, rich imagination, love family, caring, caring for others, have talent to cook.


popup card zodiac cancer

The zodiac card for Virgo
Virgo corresponds to your date of birth from Aug, 23 to Sep 22
People in this born are often diligent, meticulous, discreet, rational, clear, neat, highly resistant, able to analyze, pay attention to detail, do not like change.


popup card zodiac Virgo

The zodiac card for Sagittarius
Sagittarius corresponds to your date of birth from Nov, 22 to Dec, 21
These people in this born are often optimistic self-confident, caring, friendly, charitable, generous, active, exploring, love life free, liberal, visionary, planning life.


popup card zodiac sagittarius

The zodiac card for Capricorn
The Capricorn corresponds to your date of birth frm Dec 22 to Jan 19
These people are honest, diligent, diligent, disciplined, persistent, patient, honest, responsible, trustworthy, thoughtful, fearless and boring


popup card zodiac capricornus

The zodiac card for Aquarius
The Aquarius corresponds to your birthdays from Jan 20 to Feb 18
These people are often intelligent, creative, independent, agile, resourceful, generous, foresightful, forward-looking, studious, free-spirited.


popup card zodiac Aquarius

Hope that these above popup cards satisfy you, that chosen for your friends and relative.

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