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The Christmas in Korea

When the Christmas comes to Korea, the streets are filled with colorful festive lights, and lovely chorus in anywhere to welcome to the festival.

On every Christmas coming, the Korean citizen with Christian or not, they are busy to prepare a happy and tiding Christmas. We can fell, sense and see the bustling atmosphere of every citizen there, throughout the streets from the city to the countryside in Korea

Christmas in Korea

On the Christmas, Koreans often hold a warm party with the present of their friends; a custom on the Christmas is to give and receive gifts together, then they together go to the movie or theatre, or go shopping at the supermarket and after that go to church.

The Korean prepares Christmas party very early. In the evening on the roads, we will be surprised in the electric lights decorated shimmering, brilliant. Supermarkets, shops, plaza centers and hotels are all wrapped up in a unique festive outfit that makes everyone to fell jubilant when seeing the festive atmosphere of Christmas there.

Christmas in Korea 2017

In the large parks, here is hold festivities from Christmas to New Year day. Some outstanding activities include parade, music performance, stage, costume and Christmas trees with parking lights.

If you have a opportunity to visit this country on Christmas holiday, you can attend one of the festivals such as: festival of light, traditional markets and fairs, going to the church, or exchanging gifts with unique Christmas cards

Lotter in korean Christmas

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Meaning and function of the using poup cards as gifts or congratulations

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