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The culture of Vietnamese New Year (P2)

The dishes on the New Year

Each family's offerings are indispensable for them, including chicken, stick rice cake (bánh trưng, bánh tét) depending on the conditons of each family will have other items such as vermicelli, bamboo soup, “bóng” soup (soup made dry skinpig), dưa hành (onions on salt), thịt đông ( meat with … and … to boil and then to frozen for warehose), broccoli, ….


tet holiday in vietnam

In the past, most of the families made stick rice cases themselves, but in 2000, they, in the city, have bought them to their houses. The making stick rice cases by themselves is for only in rural families.
Fun places on New Year's Day
Vietnamese people also belong to the saying: "The first day of new year is for fathers, the second is for mothers, the third for teachers.” That means the childrent visit their parent, relatives, neigbors on New Year. This is a chance for them to return to their origins, when they are far from home and also to return to their hometown to reunite with their relatives under the family, visit the ancestral graves, neighbor.
When visiting a family, if there are old people and children who often receive a lucky envelope with lucky money, it means to wish the healthy and long age for old men, and hardworking in learning, good and kind for childrent.
After 3 days of Tet, the rest of spring is usually the festival season, they often come to the festival local area to join the fun to learn culture from many locales. The traveling to other local on new year holiday, nowadays, is chosing by  many people and overseas.
In most parts of the country, the countryside of Vietnam where every festival is held after Tet in the first days of the year as the proverb: "Private month is play". This means that in the first month of the lunar year, people will attend festivals, spring vacations and non-working vacations (because 80% of rural people live in rural areas and work in agriculture)

New Year is not only a chance to gather together family, but also a time to maintain and preserve the identity of the Vietnamese people.In this article only talk about Some the traditional culture on the most common Tet festival of the Ha Noi Capitap, where I have been living in.
Ngoc Hoi – Dong Da festival

On the first day of the festival, Ngoc Hoi victory was held at the mound, Hanoi capital on January 5 lunar month to commemorate the merits of King Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue); Huong pagoda festival is open from the 6 th lunar month to the end of the third lunar month. This is a festival that is enjoyed by people all over the country and international visitors.


Ngoc Hoi – Dong Da festival

Festival of Huong Pagoda

After the Lunar new year holiday, the Huong Pagoda festival is the famous one in the North of Vietnam. On this occasion is attended by thousands of visitors from all the country. Vietnamese believe that the going to temple on the early of the year is not only to wish for them, but also a time when they can seek spirituality after the hard years of their lives. The getting into the stream of worship to feel the harmony of heaven and earth when the spring, the door of the temple is open with the sound of the bell and the scent of incense smoke, the ceremony always makes the soul of the stranger calm, and can see the image of Vietnamese pilgrims on the buddhist when the spring.


Huong Pagoda

Giong Temple Festival

The Giong festival in Soc temple (Phu Linh commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi) is held from 6 to 8 January lunar year. According to legend, after defeating An enemy, Phù Linh was the last stop of Thanh Giong before flying to heaven. Relic Temple was build due to commemorating the work of the Blessed Sacrament, including 6 temples: Ha Temple (Temple), Dai Bi Pagoda, Mau Temple, Thuong Temple called  the Soc temple), Giong Saint monument and house of headstone. There, Thuong Temple is a holy place of worship and organizes festivals with full of traditional rituals such as: carnival; procession; incense offering; sacrificial elephants and horses


Giong temple

There are also thousands of other festivals that you can learn through the keyword "Vietnamese New Year's Day"

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