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Update: 06/02/2018
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The culture of Vietnamese New Year

Beeing a Vietnames, we have in moments the taste of the New Year. The traditional Lunar New Year has appeared for a long time, perhaps without any history of writing when it be, only known  that it is throught “bánh trưng, bánh dày” (stick rice cakes) made to worship King Hung and occasion New Year's Prince of Lang Liao

chung cake

Lunnar new year is in the hearts and emotions of every Vietnamese, however where they live, they return to remember about the country with emotional love being hard to fade.
In this article, I want to recall the warm days with friends who are far from home, as well as introduce a traditional culture of Vietnamese a Lunnar New Year to friends around the world.
The beginning of the Vietnamese New Year
Vietnamese Tết holiday according to the Lunnar calender is from December 23rd (also known as “Tháng chạp” December) when families take off their “Ông Táo”, Gods,  to heaven to remarry the earthly affairs with the emperor (Ông Táo are three Gods: earth Gods, house Gods, kitchen Gods)


ong cong ong tao

On New Year's Day, companies often send New Year greetings card to their partners or customers to express their gratitude and thanks and best wishes to them.
Flower market on New Year
In the Lunar new year holiday, flowers and ornamental plants are indispensable in every Vietnamese family. The flower market starts is sold for about 10 days to Tet, they usually buys Dao flowers (in the North) or Mai flowers (in the South) to decorate for their house. They can also buy fruits with a lot of fruits such as Quat (grapefruit), grapefruit etc…. to decorate in theỉ house with the hoping of chasing away the unlucky and bringing the lucky to their families. They can also use the flowers of the durability to display on the day of the New Year such as orchids, Cucumber, Thuy Tien, flowers grace ...


flower in tet holiday

go to shoping flower

Fruit tray
According to the Vietnamses concept, each Vietnamese family usually buys a fruit tray (including at least five fruits) to display the ancestors' altars on the  Tet. Five fruits tray is displayed from December 30 with some fruits such as banana, grapefruit, mandarin, watermelon, coconut, papaya, orange, apple, pineapple, mango, custard, fig, pear, dragon fruit ...


Fruite in Viet Nam Tet

Lunar New Year begins?
The New Year begins on the eve of the New Year, the most sacred moment of the year, the transition between the old and the new year, the moment of transition to human harmony with nature.
In previous years, traditionally, at the moment of transition, each family used to firework to welcome a new year and to dispel the unlucky ones. Since 1994 Vietnam has banned the firework because of the risk of fire and explosion. Instead, the state organizes fireworks at public places for people to enjoy.
During this time, according to Vietnamese, ancestors will return to reunion with their children in their family. So after the New Year's Eve, the whole family gathered around the ready-made tray, together to raise the glass and eat the first meal of the new year.


fire word in Viet Nam

In modern life, many children cannot be present at the first meal of new year due to their work are gradually getting more and more families, especially grandparents and parent who have been familiar to modern life.
According to ancient custom, after the New Year's Eve, people often go to the temple to burn incense to pray for tiding to their family in the new year. When going home, they pick up a tree called “hái lộc” pick up to home. However, today, the custom of picking a tree is gradually replaced by buying a pair of sugar cane to home, and also do not forget to buy some salt, which is meaning desire in the emotional family, the harmony, the bond between the couple, the children. According to ancient people, salt is the salty stuff that can dispel evil spirits and bring more luck in their family and also the symbol of passionate affection, salty concentration, close enough to everyone. "Early in the year buy salt, year-end buy lime"


Early in the year buy salt

After new year eve, anyone enters the first their houses called a “xông nhà”, the age of the person to their house, which is effect to all year (lucky or unlucky for everything). Therefore, they usually chose their freinds or relatives who have the suitable ages  to homeowners.

To be continue

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