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The popup cards of penguin

In birds, the penguins have feathers like other birds and own the short wing but they cannot fly.
They have the set of white feathers in the abdomen and dark color covering the whole body. Also, their feathers are waterproof, although they swim in water and live in icebergs which their feathers do not freeze.
They use the short wings and legs shaped like a duck feet to swim and dive under water, their legs can walk on the ground with a rather slippery and slippery appearance. When they need to move at greater speed as they are in danger, they will lie down to slide on the ice and plunge into the water.


There are about 18 different species of penguins in the world. They are highly populated and socially concentrated, communicating with each other through body language by their head and flippers. The age of penguins ranges from 15 to 20 years. If we just look outside and crush, we cannot distinguish which females or males because they have no differences in feathers sexual organ outside as other animals
Penguins usually lay only one egg and the dad one hatching bird about two months. During that time, the male concentrates on egg to protection by the fat in the body to maintain him and not eating. And the females goes to the sea for feeding and caring young penguins after hatchlings replying male’ duty.
Mother penguins can take care of their children and other "neighbor" birds in the herd, so we often see images of some young birds gathering around a large bird while their mothers are hunting for bait
With the penguin's unique features, we have depicted penguins and four young birds to represent the popup card. Penguin is designed as a 3D popup card with 360 degree viewing angle


popup card animal
popup card animall

Also because of the penguin's peculiarity of the community, their images are also depicted in a thanks card which you can give your parents, relatives, on Mar 8, Oct. 20, vu lan holiday … or donate to friends, who help you to solve the incident or trouble.


popup card animall

popup card animall

The use of popup cards to impress your customers at the end of the year, and promote the image or brand products are also used by many units. If you need us to advise and design these cards on request, please contact at 0902123668/0918986889.

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