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Update: 08/09/2017
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Trends for using handmade greetings

From few years ago, the trend of using handmade or DIY items has been sought by many people for showing the uniqueness, fancy, hobby, personality, as well as expressing feelings towards others.

People are increasingly bored with stereotypical and mass-produced items. Especially improving life, the demand for a new and intimate life from handmade products of a personal nature is indispensable. In addition to that meaning, handmade products also bring you memorable hours and reducing stress when you directly make a product as a gift with the expressing your love to the love.
Not everyone has also the same hobby, some people like pretty little things cost only a few thousand VND, or ten thousand VND; some people prefer more sophisticated decorations with prices to hundred thousand VND, even millions VND. Depending on demand, the giving gifts will depend on their conditions of payment and from that they will choose the different handmade items.


hand made gif 

However, any item still brings a great spiritual value to who owns it, which is not only favored by individuals but also selected by businesses as gifts in their marketing campaigns.
Therefore, there are now many shops selling gifts by handmade items, these items are also sold on special online shop on the fanpage with a variety of designs, including types of orders.
Handmade items are not only furniture or items, but also gift and greeting cards, such as;, where is now offers a lot of handmade products 100%, in which are designed quite elaborately, hand-cut details to the details, the sentence on the message selected and written for a sense of closeness and intimacy with the recipient.


quilling card

As my opinion in some articles, the greeting card is not only a gift but also storing and decorating items, even a new & effective form for PR with low rate. Coming here, you can look back on the PR through gift bags, book bags, that is a form of sensitive PR, peach and completely free, due to the durability, beautifulness from bags which will be used by many people for other purposes.
Greetings too, a greeting card with congratulatory content, and simulating the images, products or logo of your brand on the 3d popup will be impressive and attention. That will not only affect the recipient, but may affect other people if they are used it to display.

What better way to use the greeting card as a gift for your customers or to introduce your such products or services to impressive partners? That made you to wonder what this relates to handmade, I would like to reply right away, our products for popup card are made and assembled entirely handmade.



If you have any ideas or need to simulate or manipulate products under a popup card, please refer to our models at Or call us directly at 0902123668/0918986889 for more specific advice.

Sincerely welcome and look forward to cooperation!

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