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Valentine’s Day in Viet Nam

In Vietnam Valentine's day is celebrated the day 14 February like other countries, and although there are no rules attached to this regard, Vietnamese couples exchanged gifts, or at least the man buy a gift to a woman who loves.

Valentine's Day in Vietnam is a relatively to be care recent time tradition for Vietnam. A few years ago on 14 February was a day like any other, but nowadays, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, shops and markets incite us to follow this foreign tradition.

On this day, lovers express their love to each other by sending meaningful Valentine's cards, flowers and other special gifts like Socolate stuffed animals, dine out, go to movies, etc... But the quintessential gift for Valentine's day are flowers, Roses are the most coveted flower during Valentine by the Vietnamese.

vietnam girl-popup-card

The youngest of Vietnam, students and teenagers are the biggest consumers of Valentine. February 14 is the perfect excuse to demonstrate the love of couples, the decisive step to try to conquer the beloved person, or why not, to try to find love. Institutes, universities and recreational areas, doors are filled with articles, gifts and Valentine's day symbols.

Chocolate is also an indispensable gift for Valentine's Day, causing many people to line up to buy it at specialty stores or supermarkets.  Still more buy perfumes, jewelry, bag, and other such items as gifts, hoping that their gifts will be used and treasured for a longer time.

Restaurants and cafes are decorated in a romantic way to attract couples to come to enjoy meals, chat, and celebrate the holiday. Movie theaters are almost always fully booked, especially if they are showing emotional and romantic films which match the atmosphere of the day for love. Couples often take care to book tickets days in advance to make sure they get the best seats in the theater.

If you are looking ideas for Valentine's Day greeting cards, please refer to some of the most suitable popup card templates. Instead of celebrating the special day just like any other couple, why not try something new that you have never done before together?
These popup cards will be make a good impression and surprise to the recipient, because it will pop up in front of them with a vivid model when they open it.

rose popup card

rose greeting 3d card

Do not forget to write the message inside the card, we always have enough space to handwrite. Send this popup card with a gift like roses or chocolates.

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