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Why Choose summer Holiday 3D pop up Greeting Cards

In the midst of the summer heat, when the days are long and the sun casts its golden glow upon the earth, there exists a unique opportunity to extend the spirit of the holiday season beyond its traditional bounds. While winter typically serves as the quintessential time for exchanging summer holiday greetings card, the act of sending cards during the summer months carries a distinct charm and significance.

In a period often associated with vacations and leisurely pursuits, receiving a heartfelt card in the mail can evoke a sense of excitement and anticipation akin to unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. Whether it’s a postcard from a faraway friend or a personalized greeting from a beloved relative, each card becomes a tangible symbol of thoughtfulness and affection, brightening even the sunniest of days.

Furthermore, sending cards during summer provides an opportunity to celebrate the unique joys and experiences associated with this time of year. From beach vacations to backyard barbecues, summer is replete with moments worth commemorating and sharing with others.

Capture the essence of summer and spread warmth and cheer with our vibrant collection of summer greeting cards! From lazy beach days to lively backyard barbecues, celebrate the magic of the season with personalized cards that capture the spirit of summer bliss.

This card simulates a peaceful island corner with coconut trees and sailboats


This card simulates a romantic beach corner, where you can drink coconut water while relaxing and watching the sea

This card depicts a party being prepared outdoors at a picnic

This card depicts a man surfing during a summer vacation at the beach

Our 3D summer holiday greeting card has a design unique and special, materials by Paper Art in high quality will brighten someone’s day and make lasting memories with thoughtful holiday greetings that show you care.

We specialize in manufacturing 3D greeting card products on demand with more than 10 years of experience (since 2014), and more than 40 partners worldwide, typically countries such as Germany, USA, Canada. , France, Italy, England…

Inspiring Happiness is slogan connects deeply with the brand’s essence. Made with happiness to spread happiness. Each individual of the team constantly inspires one another on their road to improvement. HMG inspires and is inspired by clients. Each card is a heartfelt message. HMG has crafted connections between friends and family, bridging distances and cultural boundaries. As HMG has expanded its reach to numerous countries, your cards have acted as cultural ambassadors, carrying the essence of Vietnamese craftsmanship and artistry.

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