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12 zodiac that you can do on Valentine’s Day

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Gifts, surprise vacations and travel plans will all be on the cards for a romantic couple to celebrate 14th February in their most desired manner. Knowing a bit about yourself and your partner based on zodiac signs could be the formula for success in making your Valentine’s Day special.

With just two days to go for Valentine’s Day, youngsters looking forward to spending time with their ideal dates must be fine-tuning their plans to make the day a special one to remember for life. Gifts, surprise vacations and travel plans must all be on the cards for romantic couples to celebrate 14th February in their most desired manner. However, what one may like doing in life might not turn out to be the choice of their companion, hence it would be prudent to dig deep and know what could be a common ground to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best possible manner.

Knowing a bit about yourself and your partner’s underlying personality traits based on the zodiac signs could well turn out to be the formula for success in making your Valentine’s Day special.

Let us look at how people belonging to each of the 12 zodiac signs would make their Valentine’s Day special

Aries – Aries is always brimming with energy and never misses out on an opportunity to pump up their lives with high adrenaline activities. On Valentine’s Day, Aries would love to go out with their partner on an adventurous travel expedition or indulge in a sporting activity that might test their daredevil spirit to the limits.

zodiac popup card Aries

Taurus – Taureans like to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and do things at their own sweet pace. You could see them spending time quality with their partners at home and get thoroughly indulged by them on Valentine’s Day. Given their sensual nature, they would love to date someone they love in a setting conducive to romance

zodiac popup card Taurus

Gemini – Geminis are quite the opposite to other zodiacs even when it comes to occasions like Valentine’s Day, where most others like to have a bit of privacy. The social birds will love to go out for a party or be part of an extended friend circle gathering. Lively conversations, animated discussions, and a bit of gossip are very much part of a Gemini’s routine and they can’t stay away from it.

zodiac popup card Gemini

Cancer – Cancerians are always on the lookout to shower a lot of care and affection to their partners and Valentine’s Day could perhaps be the best opportunity to further deepen that romantic bond. A Cancerian will not be one of the outdoor types on Valentine’s Day. Instead, they might stay back at home and do something purposefully like cook a meal or baking a cake to make their partners feel special and garner their attention.

zodiac popup card Cancer 

Leo – Leos are always looking to take center stage and be the star attraction of the crowd and Valentine’s Day won’t be any different. Going by their mantra of living life to the fullest, Leos will explore some fancy get-aways and picturesque venues to make their Valentine’s Day a grand affair. They will settle for nothing less and a gourmet meal followed by a champagne celebration will surely be part of their regal plans.

zodiac popup card Leo

Virgo –  Virgo will be at their pragmatic best and not drift away into a cloud of romance even on Valentine’s Day. The highly practical earth sign might be on the lookout for something that will ensure the betterment and wellness of their chosen love partner. Cooking a healthy meal or preparing a detox drink could be something up their sleeves to show care for their partner.

zodiac popup card Virgo

Libra – Ruled by Venus, a Libran seem inseparable from love and romance and the native of the seventh zodiac sign could perhaps enjoy Valentine’s Day more than any other zodiac. A Libran will use their encapsulating charm to draw the attention of their partners on Valentine’s Day. They will never be short of creative ideas to surprise their love interests. Well-wrapped presents, booking movie tickets or reserving a place in a fancy restaurant could be some of the ideas they would have well thought off in advance and executed to perfection.

zodiac popup card Libra

Scorpio – Scorpions are known to be extremely passionate creatures and they yearn for an intimate relationship with their partners. Valentine’s Day presents them with an ideal opportunity to lighten up their romantic pursuits and indulge in sensual experiences, which are always high up on their minds all the time. Listening to love poems or reading a mystifying novel could be a good pastime for them on Valentine’s Day.

zodiac popup card Scorpio 

Sagittarius – The travel freaks of the zodiac will not spare any opportunity to pack up their bags and go off on a journey to their preferred holiday destination. Valentine’s Day might see them springing up a surprise for their love interest by booking a resort and making all requisite arrangements to celebrate the special day with their special person.

zodiac popup card Sagittarius 

Capricorn – Capricorns bring in that element of practicality to their love relationships and Valentine’s Day would be much more than just a romantic sojourn. They might get a good chance to show their hard-working instincts to impress their partners. The ‘Sea Goat’ might get into the kitchen to cook a sumptuous meal, paint something or buy an item of practical usage for their partners.

zodiac popup card Capricorn 

Aquarius – Aquarians are known to be a bit distant and non-emotional when it comes to expressing their feelings. Nevertheless, the ‘Water Bearer’ will make their earnest efforts to make their Valentine’s feel special with their unique ideas and creativity. The idealists will like to undertake an activity that might showcase their love for mankind and win the hearts of their partners.

zodiac popup card Aquarius

Pisces – A Piscean often goes into their fantasy world and dreams about the romantic pursuits between them and their partner. Being highly empathetic and caring towards their partners in a relationship, they will make every possible effort to make the day special for their partners. Never short of creativity, Pisceans might paint the canvas with a romantic theme or write some beautiful lines in honor of their loved ones.


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