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2 special color meanings of roses and flower 3D greeting cards

3D flower card

Nature has given us a multitude of flowers, from the most varied types and colors. But among all, the rose is the queen: loved since ancient times not only for its beauty and for its intoxicating scent, but also for its medicinal and cosmetic properties.

The rose, in fact, occupies a prominent place in the language of flowers, where it takes on different meanings based on its color. The colors of the roses, as already mentioned, cover almost the whole chromatic “spectrum”: from white to yellow, to orange, to purple-red, and so on.

The meanings of the colors of the roses are initially identified in the most important colors, namely white, yellow, red and pink, and then go to deepen other more or less intense colors, such as orange, dark and light pink and all shades of red, like purple, carmine and so on.

Orange Roses – Meaning and Symbolism

The Orange Roses are certainly interesting and what sets them apart from all the other roses besides their popping color is their symbolism.

The meaning of orange flowers is associated with the concepts of energy, joy and positivity, feminine charm. As for the language of flowers, the orange ones are associated with the concepts of harmony, charm and creativity.

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Blue Roses – Meaning and Symbolism

In the Far East, the demand for blue roses is especially high because of the fairytale. They are often given away for engagement and weddings and are meant to bring love to the couple forever.

In Asia, the love message of the blue rose is clear: it stands for the perfect and fulfilled love. In the west, however, the blue rose has attributed another meaning, it has also become a symbol of unfulfilled longing.

Blue tones are counted among the cold colors that generally have a cool effect, create distance and convey objectivity. Furthermore, it is a symbol of longing, freedom, distance and eternity.

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Colorful roses are a symbol of the joy of life and variety. If you can not decide on a color, take several and give away colorful roses. You can give away colorful roses for any occasion, they provide joy and should convey benevolence and sympathy to the recipient..

For those who are far away, you can use a greeting card with a 3D rose model to give them.

Reference: flowermeanings.org

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