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3D popup card Celebrates Vietnamese Teachers day

popup card for teachers

The teaching profession is appreciated and loved for a long time in Vietnam. With our tradition of being deferential to teachers and respect for morals, we have always a passionate love, gratitude and respect for their teachers, whom they had taught and educated us to become an adult.

The first Vietnamese teacher’s day was November 20, 1958 called the “International Charter of Teachers” held in the North due to separating into two parts in this time for our country. On November 20, all the schools in our country celebrate this day which become Vietnamese Teachers’ Day.

The Day of Vietnamese teachers is one to honor the Vietnamese teachers so that all of us are grateful to our teachers who have taught us to be human. Each of us is expected for showing our affection for teachers.

On the 20th of November, generations of students and their parents often take time to visit their teachers as expressing their love, memory to the teachers, who has led us every day to become into being the personality, knowledge in each people.

On this day, giving flowers, giving postcards and visiting the teachers is the way which expresses and give sincere feelings, respect to your teachers, and more meaningful, when you can make a card by yourself to send teachers with the most sincere feelings.

One of the new types of greeting cards is popup cards, and this is also the trend of using greeting cards in Vietnamese teachers in the future.

However, the making of the popup card by your hands-on Vietnamese Teachers Day, you can buy some cards in-store, then you should decorate some small details as patterns, silver with the meaningful and profound wishes by hand to your teacher.

Here are some examples of Vietnamese teacher’s day popup cards that you can refer to your teachers and your children on November 20th.

flowers popup cards 01

flowers popup cards 02

flowers popup cards 03

flowers popup cards 04

flowers popup cards 05

flowers popup cards 06

flowers popup cards 07


Hope these samples of popup cards on the Vietnamese teachers’ day will meet your needs. If you have a need to order a popup card, please contact us by phone no. 0902123668/0918986889 for details.

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