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3D popup greeting card to Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in Viet Nam

Mid autumn 3D card

Besides the Tet holiday, the Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most famous festivals and it is also a traditional celebration for Vietnamese children.

The Mid-autumn Festival takes place in the middle of the eighth lunar month. Although it originated in China and is celebrated in many Asian countries, the Vietnamese version is a little bit different. The tale is about a man named Cuội living on the Moon, but just by accident. It is said that if you look closely at the full moon, you can see the shadow of a man sitting under a banyan. Therefore, children parade lanterns in the streets the night of the Mid-autumn Festival to help light the way to earth for Cuội.

The original meaning of this ancient festival is that it represents a family reunion. People will come back home and eat moon cakes together. However, in Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn festival is mainly an occasion for the kids to celebrate and enjoy the best time of the year.

3D popup card about mid autumn festival in vietnam

Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most famous festivals and it is a traditional celebration for Vietnamese children.  Parents often buy star-shaped lanterns, masks for their kids for special performances in the evening of the full moon. The main point of the Mid-Autumn is that children use the beautiful lanterns, wear funny masks, lion dances and sing folklore songs under a big tree when the moon is rising

Mooncakes are specific cakes and are only for this festival. Moon cakes, which are made from the flavor, meat, egg, dried fruit, pumpkin’s seed, peanut, are so sweet and good tasting. Mooncakes symbolize Luck, Happiness, Health and Wealth on the Mid-Autumn day. Apart from mooncakes and lanterns, the other most visible tradition related to the Mid-Autumn festival is the lion dance

The 3D popup greeting card for the Mid-Autumn Festival is fully simulated with the symbols and meanings of the event.

3D popup card about mid autumn festival in vietnam

3D card for mid autumm

A big tree with broad foliage in the yard, the children are walking around the tree to sing in the lantern procession, the moon above is shining brightly, the ground is modeled after a moon cake with many decorative patterns delicate.

3D popup greeting cards are special and unique greeting cards, designed and crafted in the form of a 3D model. When you open the card, the pattern will emerge full of surprises and impressions.

If you have relatives who are Vietnamese, Let sent them this Mid-Autumn Festival 3D popup greeting card. Surely they will be surprised to see familiar images associated with their childhood

Nowadays, Mid Autumn Festival is mainly for young children in Vietnam to enjoy the best time of the year. But not only can children celebrate this day but also adults can, adults who wish to have a chance to remind them of their childhood and feel young again.

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