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Beautiful and romantic 3D Valentine popup cards for lovers

3d love greeting card

Valentine’s Day is an occasion for couples to express their feelings to their loves. They use 3D Valentine popup cards with meaningful love words as a gift
Valentine’s Day is an important occasion for lovers to send sweet love, romantic wishes on Valentine’s Day will make loves more poetic for couples in love, helping couples to be happy, passionate marriage and guarding precious unity.
If you want to express your feelings for the other person to understand your better feelings, using beautiful and romantic 3D Valentine popup cards to express your feelings will be a delicate, sweet, romantic and unexpected choice on Valentine’s Day.

3d love greeting card

Red Valentine’s Day and White Valentine’s Day
Red Valentine is a traditional Valentine’s Day for a long time. On this day, people give each other chocolates, red roses and cards filled with love, especially men for women.
White Valentine, also known as White Valentine, takes place on March 14, this is an opportunity for girls to reciprocate the affection of previous male friends.

Valentine 3D popup greeting card

Love 3D popup card

What is the symbol of love in a 3D Valentine’s popup card?
The heart shape symbolizes love and giving someone a heart is a way of giving one’s whole life to the recipient. The shape of a heart and a piercing arrow symbolizes the union of two lovers.
Along with the heart shape, chocolate also reminds us of the feeling of love, both sweet and slightly bitter. That’s why it was chosen to become a symbol for love cards and a gift on Valentine’s Day
The red rose is one of the most used symbols of Valentine’s Day. Roses are likened to a symbol of reverence, faith, passion, admiration, and permanence, eternity over time.

3d love greeting card

3D Valentine’s loved popup card instead of words to say
On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, besides bouquets of roses and gifts, the popup cards with symbols of hearts, chocolate, and cupid are still used by many people.
3D valentine’s popup cards can be used on both Red Valentine’s Day (February 14) and White Valentine’s Day (March 14). Giving a 3D valentine’s card to someone you love with symbols such as roses, hearts, and chocolates will express your affection and admiration for that person on your behalf.
With the message “Giving cards – Sending love”, 3D Valentine popup cards with HMG brand are designed and crafted with passion to convey the feelings of love and happiness in each one.
If you are yearning to express your love and wish to get romantic love, or you want to express your love of vibration and affection for someone in a discreet and delicate way, each 3D popup card can convey your thoughts and feelings containing warm and spreading your affection to the recipient completely.

3d love greeting card

If you want to buy 3D valentine’s popup cards in small quantities, please visit our store on Shopee at: https://shopee.vn/thiepnoihmg. Our company HMG specializes in designing and manufacturing 3D cards on demand with a minimum quantity of 300 pieces.
See more 3D love card templates: https://www.popupcard.vn/tinh-yeu

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