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Christmas gift ideas for kids with 3D popup greeting card

Christmas 3D pop up card

Christmas is around the corner and so is the time when kids make a long list of gifts they want from Santa.

The best baby gifts stimulate their senses, and the best toys and gifts for babies include sensory toys, teething toys and play gyms, or good for math, brain. Nobody embodies the spirit of Christmas more than a child. There’s something about the magic and the joy of the season that’s reserved just for kids.

Here’s your go-to guide for buying Christmas presents for kids with The traditional 7 Gifts Rule Work.

  1. Something They Want

This gift typically comes straight from their Christmas Wish List. It can be something small or large, but it should definitely be something your child has been wanting. This is one of the most important gifts since it will ensure that your child’s Christmas is merry and bright.

Christmas 3D pop up card

  1. Something They Need

From a new winter coat to school supplies or sports equipment this gift category is all about practicality. Giving children something they need as a gift teaches them to be grateful for the things they have.

  1. Something They Wear

This is a versatile category that can include anything from clothes to shoes or sunglasses. This category is also perfect for seasonal gifts, like a pair of winter boots or a scarf.

  1. Something To Read

Books are a classic Christmas gift and they always seem to be a hit with kids of all ages. Whether your child is into picture books or chapter books, there are so many options available. You can also get creative and provide magazines, graphic novels or even an e-reader of their own.

  1. Something To Do

This gift is all about stimulating your child’s mind and keeping them active during the holidays. Many parents like to include gifts that encourage creativity, such as art supplies or building toys.  Other ideas are toy cars, dolls, Nerf guns or board games which make great Christmas morning activities for families.

  1. Something For Me

This is the gift that your child gets to keep all to themselves. It can be something small, like a new necklace or bracelet, or something larger like a video game system or bike. This is the perfect opportunity to let your child know that you think they’re special and deserve their own little treat.

  1. Something For The Family

Rounding out the 7 gifts rule is a category that is my favorite. One that brings everyone together and encourages connection. This could be anything from a board game to waterpark passes or even a trampoline for the backyard. The whole idea is that it’s a gift that everyone gets to enjoy together.

The most common way to follow the 7 gifts rule is by giving each child traditional 7 gifts from specific, pre-determined categories. One of the best ways to make it just a bit more magical is by giving the children in your life some really great gifts like Christmas 3D popup greeting cards.

Christmas 3D popup card

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