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Cute and funny 3D happy birthday popup cards

Birthday 3D popup cards

Cute and funny birthday popup cards are always suitable for teenagers, which is interesting to their friends on birthdays.

Birthday is a very meaningful and sacred occasion for many people, especially for students; this is the day when friends and relatives often send each other best wishes on 3D birthday popup cards with funny, lovely model

Surely when you use a 3D birthday pop-up card for the owner of the birthday party. He will feel your love for taking the time to choose a beautiful and suitable popup card for him.

Collection of lovely 3D happy birthday popup cards

Are you looking for a 3D popup card for wishing your friends and relatives a new age and good luck on their upcoming birthday? Here are some birthday popup cards with lovely, funny themes.

In addition, you can choose 3D cards modeled with sweet cream cakes, flower baskets or bunches of balloons with vibrant colors and sparkling Happy Birthday Day words and emotional wishes and intimacy of friendship.

Birthday 3D popup card

Birthday 3D popup card

Note for choosing 3D birthday cards

When choosing a birthday popup card, you should pay attention card templates matching with the recipient’s personality, age, circumstances, and status. If you choose 3D popup cards for your parents, you should choose polite, harmonious and elegant birthday cards; and for friends and children, you should choose cute and funny popup cards; and for colleagues, you should choose a birthday popup card with bright color flowers.

More importantly, you should write birthday greetings on the popup card, you should also pay attention to the words which is appropriate. You should use polite and formal sentences for adults, and use many different languages, even teen languages to make the content of the card more witty for your friend, the same age.

A birthday 3D card is one card made by hand and craft to make a 3D model, which is what makes them unique and something to be cherished forever. Make their birthday truly burst with joy with a birthday 3D card to light things up on their special birthday greeting!

Birthday 3D popup cards

Birthday 3D popup card

3D popup card design service as request

As a 3D card designer and maker, if you want to buy 3D happy birthday cards in small quantities, please visit our booth on shopee at: https://shopee.vn /thiepnoihmg.

If you are a unit or organization, you want to order 3D happy birthday cards with the imprint of the Enterprise for employees, partners and customers, please contact us by the phone number on the website or leave your contact information for replying.

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