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Everything needs to know about Easter and the set of popup 3D card in 2023


Everything needs to know about Easter and the set of popup 3D card in 2023
Besides Christmas, Easter is one of the two most important holidays of the year for Christians. This is a holiday celebrated every year with the meaning of commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Vietnam country, few pagans know about this event, but it is very popular in Europe, America, and Australia.
Easter Day usually takes place on any Sunday between the end of March and the beginning of April to commemorate the event that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified. His resurrection is one of the most important foundations of faith, and the holiday is also a time to remember the sacrifices that Jesus made for everyone.

Find out how Easter is celebrated in some major countries
This holiday is a time for people to enjoy fun and celebrate with family and loved ones, they also send the Easter greeting popup cards together.

Easter day 3D Popup Card

+ Easter in France
In France, church bells usually ring every day of the year and excepted by the three Easter holidays. Legend has it that the bells stopped ringing to make a trip to Rome to be blessed on this.
On Easter Sunday, people of the country often scatter and hide colorful eggs made of various materials, even chocolate, in their gardens. They usually let the chickens and rabbits run around in their garden. Their children are also interested in the game of finding eggs in their garden for if the child finds more eggs, he or she will be obedient, study better and be protected by God in this year.
On this day, French people often celebrate Easter with a hearty meal of lamb instead of Turkey to pray for a year of fertility, prosperity and good fortune.

+ Easter in America
It is a tradition in America that every eve of Easter, children build a nest by wood and leaves in their garden (the Easter basket) and leave it outside the house. As the legend, the Easter Bunny will fill the house with eggs (chocolate eggs, candy, colorful plastic) for the babies to find on Easter morning when they wake up.
Each year, Easter is celebrated by the President of the United States at the White House, also known as “White House Easter Egg Roll” with the participation of Easter bunnies, Easter egg rolling races, egg hunting, candy smashing and a variety of other interesting event take place all over the United States. It is known that Easter is the second-largest candy shopping festival after Halloween. With 90 million Chocolate Easter Bunnies, more than 120 million pounds of candy are consumed each year for this holiday, enough to fit in 4,615 truckloads and over 16 million marshmallows produced for this day.

+ Easter in Canada
Festivals, food and fun are what make up Canadian Easter. Religious people go to church, attend festivals, and decorate their homes with Easter lilies. The menu on that day included traditional cakes and dishes such as apple pie, Cape Breton scones, Maple baked beans, etc.
In addition, Canada is also home to the largest Easter egg (Pysanka) in the world. The egg was created in 1975, is a symbol of life, prosperity, eternity and good luck, recognized by the world as a masterpiece and holds a world record in the twentieth century.

+ Easter in Australia
In Ulladulla – New South Walls, the Easter will take place the traditional festival of blessing the fishing fleet. This ceremony is held with the hope that the nets will be abundant and the sailors will be safe when docked. A big festival is held on the beach with activities such as spaghetti eating contest, fat pole climbing contest and finding the queen for fishermen.
There is also the National Folk Festival in Canberra on Easter. More than 20 stages were set up, with many world-class artists performing, as well as seminars and more than 100 concerts with 30 street vendors in attendance. This festival is an opportunity for people to rest, relax and have fun with their family and loved ones after a year of hard work and wish for good things to them.

+ Easter in England (UK)
Easter in the UK is celebrated with activities such as fasting – fasting and vegetarianism. Catholics on Ashes Day and Good Friday before Easter must abstain from meat, junk food, and unnecessary satisfaction. Any excess resources are often donated to the poor or the church.
English people also re-act the scene of Jesus being crucified on the Cross as a message to teach their descant dance about God’s sacrifice. After that, they will go to the Way of the Cross to see 12 pictures depicting each stage of Jesus from his arrest to the death.

Easter day 3D Popup Card

When was the first Easter card sent?
As Wikipedia, people sent the first Easter cards more than 100 years ago in the late 19th century. At this time, people frequency sent postcards. Then the address of the recipient could be shown on the back of the postcard, along the stamp and the sender shown on the front, which means that the illustration must have space for writing. This changed in the early 1900s, when the back of the postcard was split just like we see it today.
Early images on Easter postcards included the Easter bunny, sheep, flowers, eggs and a young girl with symbols of luck and hope with Easter message is the hope and new life. Therefore, we can also include butterflies and spring on its, especially in the Northern Hemisphere where Easter and Spring coincide. In Australia, you can find an Easter Bilby instead of a bunny.

Symbol used for Easter 3D cards
+ Easter egg
When it comes to Easter, it is impossible not to think of colorful eggs with decorative strokes, a symbol of fresh vitality awakening in spring.
In the days leading up to Easter, many people look to buy boxes of coloring to paint eggs. And the kids use markers or oil brush to decorate eggs, which absolutely loved. The gutted eggshells painted lovely with watercolors or markers and plaited with beautiful ribbons to decorate the Easter wreath at home.
In the 8th century, Easter eggs began to be popular and were considered a meaningful gift to give each other on this important holiday. The gift of eggs to each other during Easter is believed to have originated in Europe. It has been for a long time, but it was popular on the 12th century.
In the West, during Easter, there is always a game for children to find eggs “egg hunt”. The eggs are hidden by the parents of the youth and ask their children to find them. Who can find the most in the shortest time is whom to win.

Easter day 3D Popup Card

+ Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny is the rabbit to brings Easter eggs to human in Easter. As the legend, the Easter bunny is the mascot to identify good children and give them pretty eggs on the eve of Easter. The image of the Easter bunny plays the same role as Santa Claus – a kind old man who goes around giving gifts to children on eve of Christmas .
Besides, the Easter bunny is also a symbol of fertility and abundant vitality in Western cultures, and more importantly, the image of the rabbit is associated with a legend about Ostara (also known as Eastre), this is the goddess of spring, who is named the name of Easter (Easter).
+ Easter Candles
This is also a very familiar symbol on this holiday, the image of the Easter Candle with a warm flame, light and protection. The Easter Fire is also seen as an image that lights up the days and nights and is a lamp that illuminates them to find right things and peace.
+ Easter Bells
From Thursday on Easter, church bells are not rung. In the Vatican located in the Rome and Italy, the symbolic bells were brought back Rome and blessed by the Pope. When they returned, they were filled with Easter eggs, they were sprinkled to children and adults along the way.

Easter 3D Popup Card
Why send an Easter card?
Whether you are religious or not, sending any card at any time can lift someone’s spirits. There’s a reason why the greeting Card Association has the industry slogan ‘send a card, bring a smile’. That’s exactly what sending tags can do. Although Easter may be changed every year, it will always in Spring in the UK. After an often cold, harsh winter in the Outer Hebrides, I do know I love seeing cards with flowers, animals, butterflies and eggs, heralding a new season with summer not far away.
Believe it or not, an Easter card can offer hope and encouragement during difficult times, or perhaps just a reminder of the beautiful world we live in.
Send your loved ones a unique and outstanding 3D Easter popup card this year, with this popup card emulated colorful Easter symbols spread, share and joy to recipients. Don’t forget to add your best wishes on the body card before sending.
Design and craft 3D Easter popup cards
When you have a need to design and manufacture 3D greeting popup cards for Easter or other events such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine… please leave us a message in the contact section for answers.
Best regards!

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