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Fascinating 3D pop-up cards for every occasion in the year

what is 3D pop up card

What is 3D pop-up cards?

Just as the name suggests, a 3D pop-up card is a card with certain parts that pop up upon opening the card (call 3D model paper). Each card has simulation inside shapes or styles that come up to form smaller models with the same ratio.

Whether for private purposes, business mailings, birthday messages, wedding gifts or even as a way of passing a congratulatory message, pop-up cards can be used to express a feeling or thought on literally any occasion.

What occasion can use 3D pop-up greeting cards

3D pop-up greeting cards can use for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversaries, congratulations, individual invitations… 3D pop-up greeting cards are a remarkable way of adding flair ardor to a card. Rather than a plain card with just text on it, a 3D pop-up card has an exciting and unique design.

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is proud to be the leading manufacturing and supplier of 3D popup cards in Vietnam. We always listen to the needs of our customers, giving the first priority to the reputation and quality of our product and service

Their passion for creating exquisite cards inspires their commitment to excellence. In the designing process, we use cutting-edge technology and advanced software programs to develop sophisticated designs for the cards we make.

Create unique and meaningful 3D card designs that strengthen and bond the relationship between friend and family relationships. This makes it possible for us to develop astonishing designs that when transferred to paper by our craftsmen results in beautiful 3D pop-up cards.

3D card flower

We have a brilliant team of highly skilled artists who are talented and experienced in the art of making 3D cards by hand. Their passion for creating exquisite cards inspires their commitment to excellent 3D pop-up cards.

We use the highest quality art paper imported from Korea, Japan and Italy. Our QC team always checks carefully to ensure that all products meet the standard quality before packaging.

3D greeting pop-up cards can be both a gift and a card because you’re leaving the recipient with a unique piece of displayable artwork. 3D popup greeting cards can use for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Get well, thank you card, Halloween and Easter…

3D simulation

Do you know a 3D pop-up card can be promoting your brand? Simulate your Logo, Product in a 3D model in greeting card can help boost brand presence and build stronger business relationships.

3D pop-up flyers can visualize your product in a way that the actual product will look and feel. It really shows the uniqueness of your business. In this post, we have compiled some really cool 3d popup flyers or 3D pop-up card designs with the model of production to ideas that will help inspire your creativity. We would serve you as an inspiration to design and simulate on your own request.

We produce and export 3D pop-up greeting cards customized according to the individual requirements of each customer. If you are looking for a custom design to simulate and manufacture  3D pop-up greeting cards, please contact us via an email

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