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Get your customers hooked with a 3D popup flyer

Imagine the reaction from your client when they get a flyer with a 3D model to grab attention and produce results for marketing with customizable design and simulation base on your service or product.

3D Pop-up flyer Promote Creative Marketing Ideas

Promotional 3D pop-up flyer designs are limited only by the skills of the project budget! In plain terms, the simpler the pop-up model mechanism, the less expensive the business communication product is.

The creative marketing ideas with the 3D pop-up flyer very incredibly versatile for use, make a pop-up flyer successful in their own markets.

How do 3D pop-up flyers work?

When the 3D pop-up flyer opened, which causes the pop-up element to lift 3D model. Multiple layers can add a sense of excitement and will certainly stick in the mind of your client.

Pop-up 3D flyer Mechanism Draws Attention To Direct Marketing Message

If you consider one of the main aims of a successful direct marketing piece is to draw the customer’s attention to your main selling point then yes, they probably are. The pop-up mechanism is the main point of focus on a 3D card and this makes custom pop-up cards a very popular choice of business marketing product.

3D pop-up flyers can visualize your product in a way that the actual product will look and feel. It really shows the uniqueness of your business. In this post, we have compiled some really cool 3d popup flyers or 3D pop-up card designs with the model of production to ideas that will help inspire your creativity. We would serve you as an inspiration to design and simulate on your own request.


From household furniture such as beds, wardrobes, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, to machinery and transportation such as cars, cranes, and airplanes; Buildings such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, Cinema, buildings, tower; event sports … we can be simulated as models for 3D invitations or 3D flyers.

Creativity with a simulation of the service and production can make the whole process of marketing your company breathe to live. It aims to generate direct communication to your target audiences. When your brand values creativity, it will pave your way in producing innovative and authentic promotional merchandise.

Hence, your marketing campaign may serve you more than you can think of. Use flyer 3D popup card to products that will get your customers hooked with your brand?

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is proud to be the leading manufacturing and supplier of 3D popup models in Vietnam.

Design Appeal: Visual appeal is the main selling point of custom pop-up cards. One can see the artistry and creativity that goes into making them. As they are handmade, they are of high quality and more personalized.

Surprise Factor: Surprise your customers with a 3D design that pops up whenever the card is opened. The surprise factor keeps customers guessing for what fun design they will find.

Engaging: With a fun design like this, customers will surely love to open your promotional mailer. This makes your promotion engaging and your marketing message easy to digest. With a strong and engaging message, your target audience will surely be motivated to respond to your call to action.

Customization: With Pop up cards, you have lots of design options to choose from and customize them any way you want. You can even make your custom pop-up mailer environmentally-friendly by using eco-friendly printing, you can print QR codes on the catalog to make it easier for customers to access your company website.

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