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Handmade Christmas 3D Multi Paper Layered Greeting Card on 2022

3D popup card for Christmas

Christmas is the holiday of joy! The celebration of the birth of Jesus is an important event in the calendars of many countries around the world. Whether it is tales around a fire, feasting with the family or putting up a tree, our Christmas traditions are often old and passed on through the family.

When to send your Christmas and New Year wishes in the post?

In many countries, Christmas can be a super busy time of year for the postal service. As a result, they often recommend you post your Christmas and New Year wishes with time to spare. For more information:


Post in the United States usually takes between 7-10 working days. However, we advise that you post your Christmas cards in the first week of December. This ensures they have plenty of time to arrive, but will not come before thanksgiving.


In the UK, aim to post your Christmas cards by the 20th at least. Each year, the Royal Mail announces the specific closing date for the post.


In Australia, the time that the post takes depends on where you are sending your cards from and where they are going. However, on average it is typically anything between two and six business days.


In Canada, the post usually takes around four working days. If you are sending within your city, December 20 is usually around the last day for sending cards. However, this changes every year, and you should check online.

3D popup card for Christmas

new Christmas 3D popup card 2022

Ideas for your festive greeting to customers and business partners

Business Christmas cards are a lovely way to thank your customers for their loyalty over the last year while wishing them all the best for the festive season.

Whilst you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect design in our corporate Christmas card catalog, we know that it isn’t always easy to find the best greeting.

A warm Christmas greeting will help you build a stronger relationship with your customers or business partners, but it is important to keep your greetings professional.

The blissful season of Christmas is one to spend time with loved ones and also send them Christmas and new year greetings. It is also a time to send wishes and greetings to friends, coworkers and boss.

Christmas is almost here, and it’s time to share love and joy with all the special people in your life. It is time to remember everybody who is dear to you and make their Christmas brighter and warmer with presents and kind words.

Greeting cards are perfect to express your care and appreciation, as these little cards will stay with people you love for years, reminding about you and supporting in times of trouble.

Christmas 3D pop up card

HMG Custom design 3D Multi Paper Layered Greeting Card

Each 3D card is created by HMG from affection and love for each product from design to assembly, inspection, and preservation… That’s why each card, when it reaches the recipient’s hand, contains love in addition to love. the feelings of the sender, but also contains the loving feelings that the HMG team has sent and wishes to spread to everyone.

new Christmas 3D popup card 2022

If you have a need to design and make 3D Multi Paper Layered Greeting Card, please contact us by email Popupcard3dvn@gmail.com

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