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HMG’s 3D popup card products reached the Top 2 favorites of consumers

Favorite consumer goods in Vietnam 2022

The voting program “Vietnamese goods are loved by consumers in 2022” will take place from July to October 2022.

The program is a typical activity to raise awareness for businesses that have a sense of producing high-quality goods, affirming the Vietnamese brand. At the same time, promoting the connection of supply and demand, strengthening the relationship between the community of businesses whose products and services are voted on and consumers. Thereby, enhancing the position of Vietnamese goods in the domestic market and pride in Vietnamese goods.

This is the second time HMG has participated in the full program. In 2021, our products had been in the top 3, and in 2022 were in the top 2 for products loved by consumers.
Like other businesses, this year’s 3D popup card has many improvements in form and design to achieve high rankings (using higher paper quantity, a larger model size …)

TOP 2 Love
The competition’s jury received a total of 225 applications from businesses to the organizers, including 150 businesses with 295 products and services in 18 product and service groups that met the eligibility criteria. After the process of summarizing the votes of more than 200,000 consumers and judging by the Jury, the results were announced at the Ceremony honoring “Vietnamese goods loved by consumers” in 2022 held at 20:00. Friday 11/11, at Trinh Cong Son Pedestrian Street, Tay Ho District

The 213 products and services of 150 businesses in 18 groups of products and services recognized by the Steering Committee of the Campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods” in Hanoi city as the TOP of the best Vietnamese products loved by consumers in 2022.

TOP 1 had 50 products and services of 33 enterprises; TOP 2 had 59 products and services of 35 enterprises; TOP 3 had 52 products and services of 41 enterprises; TOP 4 had 52 products and services of 41 enterprises.

On behalf of HMG Company, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Chung – Director of the company received the certificate of Top 2 products in the award ceremony on the same day.
Our company, always, has been accompanied by our customers to spread good cultural values on 3D popup cards, with the message “Exchanging and sending love”. Each one will promote social connections, and arouse emotions in individuals in a positive.

If you are a gift business or you are a product/service business, or you want to make a 3D popup to sell or give to customers and employees at events such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, etc. Please leave a message in the contact section for a prompt response time.

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