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How many types of Popup cards

type of popup card

In the Vietnamese market, popup cards are now known by different names: one called by name in English (popup card) one called by the Japanese name (Kirigami), and I call in Vietnamese standard is “thiep giay noi”.

There are now three types of popup cards, one is popup figures shown with an opening angle of 90 degrees, and another is the opening card shown with an opening angle of 180 degrees or 360 degrees.

The 90-degree opening card is designed simply by the cutting lines and crease to create the work as below:

popup card 90

The 180-degree popup card type is designed by the picture details to be re-assembled into a 2D popup picture (without depth) as the following image: (see also 2d popup card pattern)

popup card 180

The 360-degree popup card is a card made of imaging elements to assemble into a 3D popup picture (with depth), the simulation type is building, the animal shape as below:

popup card 360

Popup card and Handicraft Vietnam, JSC is proud of the leading units in creating & manufacturing popup cards in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.

The team of qualified design technicians in the field of painting and fine arts is expected in designing products and objects in the world through the creation of popup cards with creative & livable images. By the 2 workshops of the team of handyman assemblers who are persistent, industrious and hard-working, each card is embossed with embellishments, loved by the hands of the workers being formed and accumulate in the process of creating the work.

Our company is constantly learning to create and show new popup cards, ready to invest in technology to increase productivity labor, with the saying of always promoting creativity to expand the popup card application. It is not just a popup card that is used in communication activities to promote a product or a brand such as invitations to a customer conference with information about the venue, date and time of the event. Including product, images are simulated in the form of popup cards which will cause sympathy and impression.

Would you like to learn more about the application of popup cards to fit your business? You could find out more on our website, or call me at 0902123668 or 0918986889 for consulting on the idea as well as the best price for you.
Good luck!

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