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How to Celebrate Father’s Day in Germany and Gift Ideas for him

Gift 3D card for father

In Germany, Father’s day is called Vatertag, and you’ll soon find that celebrations in Germany are pretty unique compared to celebrations elsewhere,

This date originated in the United States, where the idea of a Father’s Day was first created by Sonora Smart Dodd to recognize and honor her father for raising his six children alone after his wife died giving birth to their last child.

Father’s Day, celebrated in most countries around the world, is a special day set aside to honor one’s father (or father-figure). There’s something about the love and care of a father that’s unmatched by anything else, so it’s important to show appreciation and gratitude to them on this day.

Vatertag always falls on the same day as Ascension Day – the 40th day after Easter, and the day marking Jesus’ bodily ascent into heaven. This day is called die Himmelfahrt in German. Ascension Day is a public holiday, and because it is shared with Father’s Day, most men use it as an excuse to get together and consume lots of alcohol. This ‘joint celebration’ always falls on a Thursday, so lots of men take the following Friday off work as well – and enjoy a very long weekend!

greeting card for father

Father’s day in Germany is so much more than gifting a necktie or chocolate. This public holiday is a day off work for everybody and a chance for men to act like boys. Known as Vatertag (also Männertag), it involves drinking lots of beer, riding a beer bike, and eating lots of food.

Popular activities for Father’s Day in Germany

  • Pub tour of your favorite bars (Männerrunde)
  • Indulge in the drinks, eats, and atmosphere of Germany’s many Biergartens
  • Group bike ride with a Bollerwagen (hand wagon) of booze or by beer bike
  • Reserve spots in a beer hall for your group to drink and sing your way through the day
  • Gather in a park with games like Boules, a grill and crates of beer, schnaps and mixers

Send Flowers for Your Dear Father on Father’s Day:

We all celebrate the love, care, and support of our mothers on Mother’s Day. For the same reason, Father’s Day is also celebrated. It has been an ancient practice of worshiping ancestors including fathers and mothers.

Father’s Day is an important holiday for families, where children and adults alike can express their love for their dad. This doesn’t require expensive gifts as it is much more important to show dad you’ve been thinking of him. The most valuable gift for Father’s Day could simply be some time spent together.

A homemade greeting card is a wonderful way to say a few kind words to dad. At the same time, Father’s Day cards serve as mementos that fathers can look at again and again, even when the children are long grown up and out of the house.

3D Card for Father's Day

So whether you’re looking for the right Father’s Day gifts yourself or helping your children make something for their dad, you’ll find ideas in a 3D Greeting popup cards for Father’s Day, that come from the heart and are guaranteed to delight dad.

For children, making crafts for Father’s Day is a great activity idea where they can let their creativity run free with add notes or decore something.

3D card father day

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