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How to Make Your Customer Appreciation Gifts Unique

3D card Gifts Unique to customer

When you take the time to thank clients for their business you’re investing in building a long-lasting relationship. Just like gifting with friends and family, when it comes to the best customer appreciation gifts it’s the thought that counts.

Follow the tips below to develop a more effective corporate gifting strategy with thoughtful gifts your clients will love to receive. Create personalized corporate gifts that will make your clients feel special (and build customer loyalty) with 3D pop-up greeting cards

1: Send your clients a fun gift they’ll remember

Engaging in a fun activity creates positive memories and a sense of accomplishment that clients will link to your brand. Try shaking things up with a fun, hands-on customer appreciation gift idea that symbolizes a message reinforcing your business relationship.

Create a personalized message to go along with your hands-on customer appreciation gift using the 3D pop-up cards template pictured above or modify the design with custom text, graphics, logo.

3D flower popup greeting card

2: Make your customer appreciation gifts useful and unique

Incorporating useful client appreciation gift ideas into your corporate gifting strategically places your business in your clients’ day-to-day lives.

3D pop-up greeting cards with any items that can be used daily, or at least regularly, keeps you fresh in your clients’ minds. Everyone needs them and they get reused over and over.

Turn a cozy blanket into a useful & unique client gift and 3D card to wish your clients warm season greetings with a cozy blanket gift perfect for chilly winter nights.

This simple gesture encourages your customers to literally associate warm and fuzzy feelings with your business. It may seem simple, but your clients will be grateful for such a thoughtful customer appreciation gift!

You can send a book to Help your clients connect your business to positive feelings and also keep your business fresh in their minds.

3D card for Easter

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or you own a huge eCommerce store, you should always remember to show your customers how much you appreciate them and value their loyalty.

Customer appreciation brings you closer to your customers and helps your business maintain customer loyalty.

For most people, their birthday is their favorite day of the year. For that reason, it is highly important for a brand to participate in that day by sending good wishes and a present.

Don’t Forget to Say Happy Birthday with a small gift to show that you care about your customers a 3D card to wishing them a happy birthday.

3D card happy birthday to customer

By hosting events to celebrate important dates with your customers, for example, you make them part of your business and show them how much you appreciate their support.

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