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Idear 3D Popup Greeting Cards and 3D Popup Books for Halloween Day

Pop-up 3D structures can be used to make engaging works of art for any age, from 3D greeting cards to 3D books. Many stages of design require you to understand the basic structures of pop-up paper engineering including angle folds, platforms, and pull-tabs, and how to incorporate them into unique pop-up greeting cards/ books.

Paper pop-ups are fascinating three-dimensional greeting cards/ books that impart stories and information more vividly to their readers. The design and construction of these pop-up books, however, are generally done by hand and need the computer-assisted design of paper pop-ups.

Pop-up cards are a great twist on the ordinary greeting card.  The 3D effect means they make a big impact when they’re first pulled out of their envelope and the design is sleek and modern, they’re sure to go down a treat with any lucky recipient.

3D popup card halloween

Halloween 3D Popup paper is created by folding and cutting. The creation process of paper architecture is often labor-intensive and highly skill-demanding, even with the aid of existing computer-aided design tools.

Ideal 3D popup for Halloween Day works is created from a combination of basic mechanisms enhanced by your art, playfulness and imagination.

Halloween popup card

Meaning of symbols of 3D pop-up cards/ books for Halloween

Witch Symbols: Witch symbols are still some of the most traditional Halloween images around. The iconic silhouette of a witch riding through a full moon is one of the more popular witch images used on Halloween.

Why is the witch associated with Halloween? In Celtic culture witches were supernatural female healers. This is why Witch is derived from Wicca, which means “wise one”.

Halloween Bat: Bat Halloween symbols can be found all over the background of holiday decorations. The Halloween bat dates all the way back to the roots of Halloween, during the festivals of Samhain.

The sacred bonfires burned at Samhian would attract many bugs and flying insects which caused bats to gather at each festival. Since bats are nocturnal and eat insects, they became closely linked to the holiday.

Ghost Symbol: Ghosts have always been a symbol of Halloween. Even during the festival of Samhain, the Celtic people believed ghosts were nearby because the veil between the living and dead was at its thinnest.

It’s believed that the spirits of the dead can walk among the living on Halloween night, making the ghost symbol fitting for this spooky holiday. It’s also thought that ghosts will visit their past loved ones and old homes on Halloween night.

Halloween Cat: Of all the Halloween symbols, the black cat has definitely had to pay a price and earn their place in the festivities. Beginning at the time of Samhain, black cat symbolism led to many cats being burned alive.

Druids believed that evil humans could turn themselves into cats, which led the druids to lock the cats in cages and throw them into the sacred fires. Being a Halloween cat during the festival of Samhain was nothing to celebrate.

Owl Symbolism: Owls have been associated with Halloween symbols since the beginning of Halloween, at the festivals of Samhain. The druids would light huge sacred bonfires which would attract many bugs, flying insects, bats and owls.

The owls and bats came for the easy food supplied by the insects. Owls have long been associated with Halloween and magic, just ask Hedwig on Harry Potter.

Spider Symbolism: Spider symbolism is extensive in folklore and mythology with spiders being seen as weavers of fate and oracles of death. This will focus on Halloween spider symbolism because spiders and their webs are consistently found woven throughout this spooky holiday.

Historically, spider symbolism took a dark turn at the time of the Witch Hunts. Like other nocturnal creatures, spiders were seen as an evil companion of witches and they became bad omen.

Source picture: bestpopupbooks, freepik.com

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